• Leveling Up

    It’s no secret water levels in the Great Lakes have been historically high. In 2019, all the Lakes except for Lake Michigan and Huron set new records for high water levels, then Michigan and Huron followed suit and set new record highs earlier this year.

  • Five Boats, Two Kids & Bloody Mary

    In the beginning of the summer, the heart of Ryan and Tristina’s adventure starts when they leave their house in Port Washington, Wis., load their kids and dog into a boat and roam Lake Michigan for anywhere from one to three weeks at a time.

  • Great ‘Inland Seas’ Fishing Boats

    Most waters worth wetting a line in are angled by fishermen aboard boats that share a similar design or features that have proven particularly suitable for the fishery and the conditions it presents.

  • Never Give Up

    On July 30, 1995, Keith Burhans’ life changed forever. Despite the tragic boating accident in which he lost both legs, he still maintains his status as an avid Great Lakes boater on Lake Ontario.

  • Cinder Pond Marina, Marquette, Mich.

    Named after the French explorer Jacques Marquette, this colorful city is settled on the shores of southern Lake Superior and includes several small islands.

  • Q&A with Jim and Lisa Favors

    Jim and Lisa Favors have boated on all of the Great Lakes except Lakes Superior.

  • Twin Disc’s QuickShift

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have more pep and not have to feel and hear all that jolting and noise in large yachts? Twin Disc, Inc., has a solution for large vessels, branded as the QuickShift technology.

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