• Like Nothing Before

    The luxury vehicle company Lexus recently graduated from land to the water, introducing its first ever Lexus luxury yacht to the boating community.

  • What Can You Do?

    McKSchmidt’s interest in the Great Lakes and their well-being snowballed. Like many Michiganders, she fell in love with the lakes as a child, but had no idea what dangers her precious waters faced.

  • Lady Elgin Shipwreck

    This significant loss of life has linked the Lady Elgin to the more famous Titanic sinking.

  • New Hardtop Formula 310 Bowrider

    Always noted for sleek styling and excellent performance, Formula establishes another winner in the 310 BR.

  • You Just Need One Good Excuse

    Even if you have the strictest boss on the planet, just choose one of these reasons that sounds best for your situation and you’ll be free and on your way to the lake in no time at all.

  • It’s Laker Time

    There’s no better time to tangle with a Great Lakes lake trout than early summer. That’s especially true if you’re a fair weather fisherman or have guests aboard who have a tough time stomaching the sea conditions that Inland Seas boaters can face later i

  • Wolverine Park Marina

    Can you think of a safer marina than one that offers a towing service on site? Wolverine Park Marina manager Eric Guerrein owns Lakeshore Towing, which is hosted in the same office, giving boaters that dock at the marina extra comfort.

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