• Cobourg Marina, Cobourg, Ontario

    Last year, the Cobourg Marina hosted one of the weigh stations that held a 10,000 dollar winning fish at the Great Ontario Salmon Derby. Though Cobourg Marina has recently drawn in the attention of sports fishermen everywhere because of its participation

  • Reed’s Weather Handbook: For Sail and Power 2nd Edition

    Weather determines when we sail, where we sail to- and whether we arrive safely. Written by Frank Singleton, a former Senior Forecaster with the Met Office, this essential pocket-sized guide equips you with all the necessary tools to predict and deal with

  • Come Sail Away on a Budget

    If you’re an aspiring sailor but not quite sure how or where to get started on a budget, Escape Under Sail by Leonard Skinner and Mary Cooney will help you reach your dream of becoming a seasoned sailing veteran.

  • Celebrating the Fourth of July on the Water

    Happy 4th of July from Great Lakes Boating and ShoreMaster! Make the most out of your holiday with these fun ways to celebrate on the water

  • Eagle Pointe Harbor

    For most boaters the main purpose for heading to the marina is to escape work stress, everyday worries and anything else that may bog us down during a typical work week. If you’re not able to relax and unwind when you head to your boat, then you’re probab

  • Innovation & Exploration

    Man’s fascination with flight has long occupied that illogical yet uniquely human part of our history and imagination, especially the blip where we thought heating the air inside a big rubber balloon with open flame was the best way to get airborne. But w

  • Kincardine Marina, Kincardine, Ontario

    Do you ever dream of escaping town and running away to a place where you could get lost and simply be a tourist? Well, you might not be able to get lost in Kincardine since it’s a small town, but you can certainly enjoy the touristy feel and the array of

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  • Great Lakes Ice Cutter

    Winter time is rough because we aren't able to get out on our favorite lakes the way we normally enjoy - our boats lazily crawling across the water as we take in the summer sun. Our boats are hidden away and winterized and some of us hide away in our home

  • Sea Ray Releases New Video: We Are Sea Ray

    A few days ago, Sea Ray released a video called “We Are Sea Ray” to celebrate their upcoming 60th anniversary in 2019 and the reinvention of their brand by Brunswick. This video comes after difficult times for the boat manufacturer and what seemed like an

  • Great Lakes Ghost Stories

    The world’s most treacherous lakes are no stranger to the ghosts and spirits we love to hear about this time of year. With Halloween just around the corner, you may want to remember these tales of haunted ships, ghost sightings and spooky lighthouses to s

  • GLB's December Gift Guide Gives Back To Veterans

    Sword & Plough works with veterans to repurpose thousands of pounds of military surplus into fashionable bags for men and women. The company recycles military surplus, incorporates that fabric into stylish bag designs and donates 10 percent of profits bac

  • With The Gales Of November Remembered

    With cold moving into the Great Lakes well before November this year, the 42 year anniversary of the loss of the Edmund Fitzgerald and 29 crew members is fresh on our minds.

  • Multimedia

    View from Above: Port of Newcastle, Ontario

    Looks like Port of Newcastle, Ontario, is beautiful even in the winter months! Check out this great drone footage from Tim Reesor, taken in January 2017. Keep an eye out for the full Guided Tour of this cozy spot on Lake Ontario in our December issue of G

  • Multimedia

    National Weather Service Simplifies Winter Hazard Warnings

    Beginning this winter, the NWS will issue shorter messages following a shorter format that will address the what, where and when of winter hazards. The hazard and its impacts will always be found at the top of the message, including actions you can take.

  • Multimedia

    Tips For Fall Boating Safety

    From the Canadian Safe Boating Council comes a few good tips on safely extending your boating season.