• Apostle Islands Marina, Bayfield, Wisconsin

    If you’re touring the Great Lakes, one of the must-see destinations you won’t want to miss is Lake Superior’s Apostle Islands in Wisconsin.

  • Milwaukee Breakwater Lighthouse

    The Milwaukee Breakwater Lighthouse was one of the many lighthouses needed to light up the four-mile stretch of breakwater barriers that protect the Milwaukee waterfront in Wisconsin.

  • Seasonal Checkup

    Everyone typically does a pre-launch check at the start of the season and looks over the engine and thru hulls to make sure there are no leaks. Now that the boat is at the dock it is a good time to check over the rigging—both standing and running. While y

  • Renaming Superstitions

    For some couples, it seems like deciding on a name for their boat is actually harder than coming up with a name for their children. I’m not sure why this is, but it does seem to be a spirited challenge for some.

  • Leveling Up

    It’s no secret water levels in the Great Lakes have been historically high. In 2019, all the Lakes except for Lake Michigan and Huron set new records for high water levels, then Michigan and Huron followed suit and set new record highs earlier this year.

  • Five Boats, Two Kids & Bloody Mary

    In the beginning of the summer, the heart of Ryan and Tristina’s adventure starts when they leave their house in Port Washington, Wis., load their kids and dog into a boat and roam Lake Michigan for anywhere from one to three weeks at a time.

  • Great ‘Inland Seas’ Fishing Boats

    Most waters worth wetting a line in are angled by fishermen aboard boats that share a similar design or features that have proven particularly suitable for the fishery and the conditions it presents.

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