Simple Device Protects Dock Lines and Boat Finish

April 2017 News

Boats tied up or at anchor never stop moving, and if the motion isn't relentlessly sawing away at a cleated dock line—typically unseen—it's causing the cordage to rub against the vessel. Once the rope parts, significant damage can occur to the vessel and its surroundings. Secure Chafe Guards from Davis Instruments are quick and easy to install and remove, and they safeguard against the havoc brought on by friction and abrasion.

Secure Chafe Guards fit braided and three-strand line from 3/8" to 1." Velcro hook fasteners line the entire interior to securely grip the rope so it doesn't slip. Built to last, they're made from abrasion-resistant, UV-stabilized, marine-grade nylon webbing, yet they're soft and pliable.

At 16" long, they adapt to a wide range of uses. They save gelcoat and varnished wood from damage. They're perfect to shield line when using an old, abused public dock cleat. Where cordage crosses, one Secure Chafe Guard will protect both ropes. Best of all, as conditions and situations change, they're easily adjusted.

Available in white or black, Davis Instruments' Secure Chafe Guards cost $29.99 a pair.



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