Why advertise with Great Lakes Boating?

Great Lakes Boating is the authoritative source for boating on the "Sweetwater Seas" and beyond. Great Lakes Boating caters to the modern, affluent power and sailboater who reads with an interest in purchasing new products and boats or services, and in short and extended cruising. As a regional publication, readers tend to attribute greater value and worth to the magazine’s reviews, stories, and opinions, often expressed by their fellow boaters. This leads to a greater reach through pass-alongs and higher sales returns. Throughout the over 25-year history of Great Lakes Boating magazine, the publication continues to experience consistent growth and expansion. Great Lakes Boating magazine boasts the distributional power of a national publication with the marketing precision of a regional audience. The breadth of the circulation reaches around the United States and Canada surrounding the Great Lakes to the East Coast down to Florida.

The Great Lakes Market

The Great Lakes represents the most lucrative boating market in North America. One-third of all U.S. boating occurs on the Great Lakes, by 4.5 million registered boaters. As a staple of Midwestern yacht clubs, the publication is a standard for serious boaters. * 70% go to the United States and Canadian provinces surrounding the Great Lakes. * 20% go to states along the Gulf, the Atlantic and the Mississipi River. * 10% go to the Southwest, primarily California and Arizona Despite focus upon products and services relevant to the Great Lakes, Great Lakes Boating makes an effort to introduce new boats and inventive products from across the United States and Canada, and around the world. Rates can be found in the media planner. Access our digital magazine by clicking the cover above or download a PDF version by clicking below. 

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