• Planning Your Loop Trip

    With a severe weather warning on our minds this weekend, we’ve set our summer schedule and are now working through some possible Great Loop itineraries for the Fall. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

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    Ladies, Lets Go Fishing!

    Perfect for women, men and teens who want to learn freshwater fishing, the program offers rod and reel basics, lure usage, casting techniques, fish retrieval, fish release, strategy and conservation, followed by hands-on fishing skill practice.

  • Great Lakes Fungus Shows Cancer-Curing Potential

    “I found that just remarkably small given that the Great Lakes are huge, they’re one of the largest freshwater bodies on earth,” he said. “It turned out that the Great Lakes are just this black hole in terms of knowledge about what fungi exist there.”

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    100 percent wheelchair accessibility comes to yachting

    “Apart from the typical features,” Steeler Yachts Owner, Hans Webbink tells GLB editors, “our customers are attracted by our design and the possibility to customize the boat to an extent not possible at other yards in our segment,” said Webbink.

  • The Perfect Predator

    Straight off the line, this boat is ready to hunt the open waters and won’t stop until it's reminded you who is king.

  • Leading A Bold New Generation: Fairline releases the Targa 63 GTO

    Of course, a look alone reveals how Mancini brings stunning Italian styling to the table with sweeping lines and curving architecture, taking Fairline Yachts in a sleeker, bolder direction than ever before.

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