Drystack Operations Grow With PWC Launcher

June 2022 News

With a greater than 8% year-over-year sales growth in the US, personal watercraft (PWC) continue to be an inexpensive way to enjoy boating. Responding to this surge in new ownership, savvy drystack operators are offering storage for them with a state-of-the-art CAPRIA PWC Launcher as the centerpiece. Used in concert with a forklift or semi-automated CAPRIA Stacker Crane, they're ideal for any location, but especially where traditional launching methods are limited due to the property's physical attributes.

CE-marked and manufactured to ISO 9001 standards, CAPRIA PWC Launchers can be built with a vertical travel of up to 100'. Combined with the ability to run at angles between 20° and 90°, they easily accommodate drystack operations that contend with extreme tidal fluctuations and/or steep or long embankments, or from second-story structure levels.

PWC owners are often the first to visualize the benefits of dry-stacking their vessels, especially if they trailer them. With an all-electric CAPRIA PWC Launcher, the owner simply calls the business and secures a time. Upon arrival, the PWC is either in the water or being launched by the machinery. This ease-of-use generates customer goodwill and subsequent agreement renewals.

For drystack operators, offering PWC storage can be a financial game-changer. A CAPRIA PWC Launcher is easily retrofitted into an existing drystack operation or incorporated into new construction.

Beyond the ability to house a greater number of vessels when compared to traditional watercraft, the CAPRIA PWC Launcher is exceptionally fast—between five and 15 seconds, depending on the distance from base to water. Plus, once the convenience of drystacking is experienced by an owner, it's easier for them to consider upgrading to a larger vessel—and greater profits for the drystack business.

Contact CAPRIA S.A., Haendel 32, Centro Industrial Garin, CP 1619 Garin, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Phone: +54 3327 414470; info@domingocapria.comwww.domingocapria.com.

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