Relentless Refinement

May 2022 News

Our original MJM logo served us well for our first 20 years. The MJM team set out to develop our newly refined logo to better represent our yacht’s gorgeous lines, an MJM’s performance and efficiency, our new high-tech facility in Washington, NC, and our recent leaps in composite technology.

You might think that developing a new logo within a family business would be a simple and easy process. Just like the yachts we produce, every aspect was considered, debated, and explored, to achieve something better.

Before our team started the graphic design process, we consulted Dad (retired MJM founder Bob Johnstone). "What?! It's perfect the way it is, why mess with it". That was the gentle part of the response. A detailed email dissertation followed that explained why we were wrong, and shouldn't "fix what isn't broken".

The first round of possible logo directions landed with a thud. Dad asked if we had misplaced our common sense somewhere. Undeterred, our team felt that a path of relentless refinement of the original logo could better represent the benefits of MJM. After weeks of tweaks, we sought our founder’s input again. Ready for more blunt feedback, Dad responded unexpectedly. The new logo was not rejected, berated, or scorned. It was considered, supported, accepted, and dare we say... approved.

We always aim to meet the toughest standards of all; the sea, you, and Dad. We celebrate all three with this latest version of our brand identity.

MJM-YACHTS-Logo-Red (1)

The Russian Army’s ‘Z’ invasion insignia led to our rethink of the use of Z. We have dropped all use of Z within our branding. The MJM models will be designated with MJM and a single, or double digit number. Single digits are day yachts and double digits are our express cruising yachts.

MJM-Logo Model 4-Black-Gold (1)
MJM-Logo Model 42-Black-Blue
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