Premium Marine Speakers Split the Soundstage

May 2022 News

Ideally, it's best to keep bass sounds closer to the floor and the mid- and high-range tones elevated at ear level. While simple to accomplish in a home, not so much in a boat unless using Infinity Kappa 8" three-way convertible marine speakers from ProSpec Electronics. Ideal for use inside or out on virtually any size vessel, the award-winning design splits the musical soundstage to optimize the listening experience.

What makes the Infinity Kappa 8" audio solution unique is that each speaker can be installed in a standard configuration or as two separate components. The center 3.5" mid-tweeter is removable, ideally to mount as elevated in the boat as possible. This brings the subtle, yet clear mid and high sounds such as vocals up towards the ears. The 8" subwoofer is then located as low as possible to take advantage of the omnidirectional output.

With 200W RMS, 500W peak power, the speakers deliver an audiophile-level sound experience that's second-to-none. They easily drown-out wind and engine noise without losing the acoustic finesse that Infinity is renowned for.

Beyond their incredible audio quality, Infinity Kappa 8" three-way convertible speakers from ProSpec Electronics deliver a visual performance. RGB lighting is built into the center mount and perimeter ring for an extraordinary light show.

Infinity Kappa 8" three-way convertible speakers are 9.5" O.D. and 3.25" deep and require 7" cutouts. The adapter ring that houses the 3.5" mid-tweeter uses a 4.5" cutout; the center unit is 5.25" O.D. and 2.25" deep.

Available from ProSpec Electronics, Infinity Kappa 8" three-way convertible speakers are available in white (8130MAM) and titanium (8135MAM). They retail for $449.95/pair.

Contact ProSpec Electronics, 3325 S Morgans Point Rd., Mt. Pleasant, SC  29466.; YouTube:

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