Suzuki Marine Unveils Latest Suzuki Precision Control Technology

October 2021 News

Suzuki Marine USA, LLC has unveiled a comprehensive line of new Suzuki Precision Control products for its 2022 Model Year outboard motors.  Engineered as the perfect compliment to Suzuki’s line up of Ultimate Outboard Motors, the full family of Suzuki Precision Control products made its industry debut today at 2021 IBEX (International Boat Builder Exposition & Conference) in Tampa, Florida.

This is Suzuki’s most advanced drive-by-wire shift/throttle technology yet, and it is compatible with a range of new Suzuki 4-Stroke Outboard models from 115 horsepower all the way up to the company’s flagship 350 horsepower V6.  When paired with any compatible Suzuki outboard, Suzuki Precision Control delivers silky smooth shifting, and instant throttle response. Combined with Suzuki Outboards’ Lean Burn Control Technology, these advanced controls even optimize a boat’s fuel efficiency.

To accommodate a wide range of popular boat sizes and styles, Suzuki Precision Controls will be available in single-lever binnacle, dual-lever binnacle and single-lever flush mount configurations. This intelligent system allows for the synchronized control of up to six outboards using a single binnacle lever.  This includes the flexibility of having one lever controlling one outboard, one lever controlling multiple outboards, or two levers independently controlling multiple engines for docking, putting a boat on the trailer or other close-quarter maneuvering.   

Boaters can further enhance the boating experience by integrating Suzuki Precision Control with the new SMG-4 Multi-Function Gauge or other great Suzuki options.  For example, boaters can activate the system’s Auto Trim setting to automatically adjust Power Trim and Tilt settings to a pre-set position when the boat reaches planing speed.

For boaters who want even greater convenience and streamlined operation, Suzuki has also introduced new automotive-style Keyless Start (optional feature) available late 2022 and will work with any SPC 2.0 control setup. At the heart of this system is a wireless key fob that is lightweight, waterproof and even floats if accidentally dropped over the side.  When the fob is within one meter of the keyless control unit, the touch of a button is all that’s required to start one, two, or up to six engines in order.  When the time comes to shut them down, one touch is all that’s needed.  This intelligent system also allows for the starting and stopping of individual motors based on operator preference using an engine control panel.

The Keyless Start system comes with two key fobs — and Suzuki dealers can program additional fobs — up to a total of six per boat.   The system features an immobilizer that provides Suzuki owners with an added measure of security.  Once a boater pairs their Suzuki outboards with the Keyless Start system, these motors will not work without that specific fob.  Not only does this prevent unauthorized use of the boat, it discourages removal and theft of Suzuki outboard motors because they will not operate on any other boat.

Suzuki Keyless Start integrates with the SMG4 Multi-Function Gauge for easy system set up.  It also allows the user to set up a private six-digit passcode, which allows the engines to be started should the fob be lost or damaged. The gauge will also display the key fob’s low-battery warning when it is nearing time to replace the fob’s (CR2025) button-style battery.  The Keyless Start switch panel can be mounted horizontally or vertically, based on available space and the layout of the helm.

To learn more about the Suzuki Precision Control system for 2022, or Suzuki Marine’s full line of Ultimate Outboard Motors from 2.5 to 350 horsepower, contact Suzuki Marine USA headquarters at (813) 687-7200 or visit

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