OSCAR Sentry wins NMMA innovation award at IBEX

October 2021 News

Initially introduced on performance sailing yachts, OSCAR technology closes a gap that radar and AIS receivers do not cover: Combining a set of RGB and thermal cameras with artificial intelligence, OSCAR reliably identifies non-signaled small craft, buoys and other floating objects on the water. In addition, OSCAR can support search efforts in POB situations.
Now the company enters the U.S. market with an extended OSCAR product range, bringing advanced 360° detection and recognition capabilities to the bridges of motor yachts, SAR and Coast Guard vessels as well as commercial craft with OSCAR Sentry.
OSCAR Sentry convinced the IBEX Innovation Award jury with a range of brand new situational awareness tools:
•  Collision Avoidance - OSCAR Sentry scans the sea ahead of the vessel, mapping obstacles, providing intelligent warning of collision risks and supporting decision-making with augmented reality view.
•  Perimeter Surveillance - The system covers either a 360° field or a selected sector, automatically warning of any approaching objects, including small dinghies or jetskis.
•  Object Tracking - OSCAR Sentry keeps or continuous object tracking and augmented reality view.
•  Selected observation - OSCAR Sentry can be directed manually and comes with 16x electronic zoom for RGB and thermal view.
“The Sentry’s advanced use of machine learning from millions of on-water events makes boating safer underway and at rest,” said editor/publisher of Panbo and innovation award judge Ben Stein.
Raphael Biancale, CTO and founder of OSCAR, thanks the jury, saying, “This is the best possible launch for OSCAR in the U.S. market. We do thank the Jury for acknowledging the potential of our product and we thank our team for creating such a breakthrough technology. Let´s move forward to AI-supported safer and more convenient boating.“
OSCAR Sentry will be available from November 2021. For in-depth information and contact to a dealer in your area please consult www.oscar-navigation.com.

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