Boston Whaler and Mercury Marine

Joining Forces

February 2021 News

With a level of power, torque and acceleration never before seen in the marine outboard market, the 7.6-liter Verado V12 delivers 600 horsepower, meaning three engines can handily do the work of four.

“With boats continuing to grow bigger and performance expectations continuing to rise, boaters have been asking for a better, more capable high-horsepower solution to meet their needs. The V12 Verado outboard is Mercury’s answer,” said Mercury Marine President Chris Drees. “Using our advanced engineering and design capabilities, we completely redefined outboard performance. The V12 Verado outboard delivers boaters unrivaled freedom, luxury and power to pursue their passions on the water.”

To help launch the V12, Boston Whaler co-hosted a press event held on February 8 and 9 at Mercury’s top-secret testing site, Lake X. At the event, three of the new Verados were put through their paces on Whaler’s flagship model, the 420 Outrage. Esteemed members of the boating press enjoyed private access for socially distanced test rides and interviews with company representatives. Following the press event at Lake X, a smaller group of owners in the Whaler Community were treated to an exclusive VIP experience, which included an unveiling celebration on the evening of February 15 with cocktails, appetizers and a drone light show; and daytime sea trials of the 420 Outrage with triple V12 Verados on February 16.

Eagle-eyed attendees observed one of the V12 Verado engine’s more unique characteristics: the industry’s first steerable gearcase on an outboard, which pivots independently underwater while the head remains fixed. Not only does this design conserve valuable space at the transom, it also provides greater turning radius than a traditional outboard engine. Beyond this effect, boaters enjoyed remarkably smooth, electro-hydraulic control and instant responsiveness. The entire engine is designed to minimize resistance and drag, enhancing stability and maximizing fuel efficiency, not to mention providing a surprisingly quiet ride.

As the world’s first V12 outboard, the 600-hp Verado features a powerful quad-cam designed to create instant, exhilarating power and acceleration. A two-speed transmission developed exclusively for the V12 delivers effortless planning, even on larger vessels, and thrilling top-end speeds.

Maintenance of the Verado couldn’t be easier: A hood on top of the cowling allows for each recommended 200-hour oil change to be performed without removing the cowling or raising the boat out of the water. Plus, it’s available in several striking colors, so its appearance is as breathtaking as its moves.

“The V12 Verado is a spectacular triumph that will shape the future of boating,” said Boston Whaler President Nick Stickler. “We’re pleased to partner with Mercury to bring this innovation to the Whaler lineup and to showcase its capabilities. Our boaters will now have a thrilling new power option that exceeds all expectations.”

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