Teak Brite From BoatLIFE Restores Wood's Natural Beauty

November 2020 News

While nearly indestructible, teak requires regular maintenance to keep it looking its best. Many two-part cleaners, however, contain caustic chemicals that damage the wood, sealant and seam compound. The Teak Brite system from BoatLIFE safely restores the wood's natural glowing beauty and protects it for months to come.

The first component of this complete care system is BoatLIFE Teak Brite Powder Cleaner, which removes the toughest stains so sanding isn't needed. It cleans deep into the grain without removing the soft fibers. Applied to a wetted surface, it's simply worked with a soft brush or a Life Scrub-All, a heavy-duty continuous stainless steel filament. This metal scrubbing pad is superior to similar products made of bronze and guaranteed for life to not wear out. Once the teak is completely dry, decks, swim platforms and handrails look like new and are ready for oil and sealer.

An optional next step is to lighten the wood with BoatLIFE Teak Brite Brightener. A one-step liquid, it bleaches to a more natural color and removes any residue from the cleaning process. It's also ideal for a mid-season spruce-up if followed with an oil and sealer.

The final step is to use BoatLIFE's Teak Brite Teak Oil & Sealer. The most advanced product in its class, the formula delivers long-lasting protection, even in harsh tropical climates. It sinks deep into the grain to restore the wood's true color, as well as natural oils lost to weathering and cleaning. The product is available in clear for a lighter tone and golden for a deeper result. After applying sparingly to the teak with a foam brush or cloth towel, it should dry for 24 hours, ideally on a dry, sunny day.

BoatLIFE Teak Brite Powder Cleaner starts at $21.02 for a 26 oz. container and the Life Scrub-All costs $14.28. Teak Brite Brightener is $22.59 for one qt. and Teak Brite Oil & Sealer starts at $25.30 for one pint.

Contact BoatLIFE®, a division of Life Industries Corp., 4060 Bridgeview Dr., North Charleston, SC 29405. Toll-free 800-382-9706; Fax: 843-566-1275. www.boatlife.combit.ly/BoatLifeYouTube.

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