Spring Brook Announced in Boating Industry’s Top 20 Dealers

November 2020 News Heather Magda Serrano Web Exclusive

This past week Boating Industry announced their list of Top 100 Dealers and Spring Brook Marina & Yacht Sales earned their place in the Top 20.

Spring Brook’s marketing manager Kristen Keegen explained that Spring Brook has consistently made it into Boating Industry’s Top 100 every year with the exception of one year since 2008, but this is the first year they broke into the Top 20.

This year’s ceremony was completely virtual and took place on November 17. The way it works is that if a dealer falls anywhere from 21 to 100 in the Boating Industry ranking, then they know they’ve made the Top 100 but they don’t know their exact placement. However, if they are number 20 or below, they learn their exact number in the ranking and Boating Industry gives them more recognition and details as to why they were chosen at the ceremony.

“They let us know that we were in the Top 20 prior to the ceremony because we had to send in a thank-you video that they played right after they said what number we were, but we didn’t know what number we were until the actual event,” explained Keegen.

They were thrilled to learn at the ceremony that they were number 20.

“The team here at Spring Brook is truly honored to be named as Boating Industries Top 100 dealers in the nation” shared Spring Brook Marina Owner Kyle Stenzel. “We love what we do and strive to get better every day. Our customer centric approach to the boat business isn’t typical in our industry unfortunately and our sole mission is to do everything within our power to help people make lifelong memories on the water. Our youthful approach to how we do that is proving itself to be a solid business model and we can’t wait to continue to innovate for years to come.”

Spring Brook has worked hard over the last couple of years to make the improvements that proved necessary to advance to the Top 20. The application for the Top 100 is submitted in August, so applicants write their application based on the year prior. That means that Spring Brook submitted what would have been their 2019 application based on changes that they made in 2019.

Spring Brook came under new ownership in 2017, but it was only in 2019 that some of the changes started in 2018 were able to be enacted and actualized. Some of these changes include new hires such as their new accounting and finance person and then also Keegen who came to Spring Brook in 2019 as the new marketing manager.

They’ve all worked as a team to focus on their own areas of the business, making Spring Brook more efficient and welcoming for customers. "In 2019 we had and entirely new marketing approach as well as bringing on Mike Sawyer in Finance who has been able to fill in the gap nicely through facilitating some efficiency changes in our service department," said Keegen. 

Having been in business for almost 60 years, these new people and new approaches have made Spring Brook more adaptable and innovative than ever. Being named in Boating Industry’s Top 20 proves that their hard work is paying off.

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