Quick Boating Snacks for Every Boater

Save yourself the time and worry of last-minute snack shopping

September 2018 Feature Onnastasia Cole Web Exclusive

It’s Friday, and you’re headed out to the Great Lakes for a weekend of boating, swimming, and family time. Your bags are packed, the tank is full, and you’re ready to go. After thirty minutes of driving, you reach down to grab your drink, only to realize it’s not there. It hits you: between cleaning and packing, there was no time left to prepare drinks and snacks for the weekend. You have two options: take a detour and go to the closest grocery store or pull off at the next gas station and grab whatever you can find.

Before this situation becomes a reality, spend a few minutes browsing our top five quick-to-make snack recipes for the weekend.

1.) Trail mix

Trail mix is one of our favorites because it’s quick and inexpensive to make. If you have a picky eater coming along, you won’t have to worry about them not eating anything. If they’re crazy and don’t like chocolate, they can simply pick it out and eat what they want.


2 cups of pretzels

1 cup of nuts (whichever you prefer)

1 cup of Cheerios

1 cup of raisins or dried cranberries

1 cup of mini marshmallows

½ cup of M&M’s or chocolate chips


Simply measure out all of your ingredients and mix in a large bowl. You can either put it into a large to-go container, or you can measure it out into ½ cup portions, for 14 snack sized servings.

For the recipe card click here

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