Lake Erie, culture play into new branding initiative

by J. Patrick Eaken

While running for re-election to U.S. Congress in October 2012, Rep. Marcy Kaptur told 100 Eastern Maumee Bay Chamber of Commerce guests she believes stronger branding efforts must be made to promote Lake Erie.

“I am constantly telling audiences that we live in the most arable place on earth here on the banks of Lake Erie — the most prolific of all the Great Lakes. And, I challenged the U.S. Geological Survey one time to tell me where outside here there is this much fresh water and this much arable land. The truth is, there is no other place,” Kaptur said.

“One geographer said, ‘Oh, it’s in Russia,’ and then he said, ‘Oh, there is no arable land next to water in Russia. Well, it’s in Africa. No, that doesn’t work, either, because there is desert around that.’ Yes, where this much fresh water and this much arable land come together, there simply isn’t a place. So, I feel especially grateful that we are endowed with the privilege of living right here in this precious place.”

About three years earlier, the Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce had already taken an initiative to “brand” the Toledo region, and brand manager Jeff Schaaf is continuing that effort today.