Q&A with Boater Zach Wallace

December 2022 Feature

Zach Wallace is the captain of a Penn-Yan 235 Avenger named Loose Cannons. He’s a Lake Erie boater who can’t imagine what his life would look like without boating.

[GLB] What Great Lakes have you boated on? What is your home lake?

[Z] I have mostly boated on Lake Erie. I’ve done Lake Michigan maybe a handful of times, but Erie will always be home. 

[GLB] What kind of boat do you have? 

[Z] I’m currently running a Penn-Yan 235 Avenger named Loose Cannons

[GLB] What does your average day look like on your boat?

[Z] It depends on the day. We’re usually chasing walleye all over Lake Erie’s western basin unless my wife is on board. If she’s on board then we’re usually anchored off of a beach somewhere or running to the islands. 

[GLB] What kind of impact has boating had on your life?

[Z] I couldn’t imagine my life without boating. Being able to introduce my wife to it and now seeing the love she has for boating and the lake has been really special. 

[GLB] What made you decide to start boating?

[Z] It’s how I grew up. I spent every summer on the lake as a kid and I knew pretty early on that this was how I wanted to spend my life. 

[GLB] What do you think is something important our readers should know that you’ve learned through your own experiences?  

[Z] Respect big water. I learned that pretty young. I don’t think most casual boaters realize how dangerous these big lakes are and how quickly they can turn. 

[GLB] What is one of your favorite boating memories?

[Z] There’s two that come to mind: either my last time walleye fishing with my grandfather, or my wife and I buying our first boat together. 


Be sure to follow Zach on Instagram at captain_zach_wallace.

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