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July 2022 Feature Heather Magda Serrano

There are some places yachts and larger vessels simply cannot go. That’s where tenders come in handy. They’re perfect for on and offloading people and supplies, you’ll be able to explore narrower and shallower waters with them, and they’re just plain fun if you want to go on a joyride.

Check out some of these top tenders for the Great Lakes.

Achilles HB350DX

If you’re ready to explore the Great Lakes in rigid-hulled inflatable tender that gives you a little extra, then you’re going to want to check out the HB350DX from Achilles Boats. This tender takes you a step above the norm with its deep V fiberglass hull.

They’ve added a vented bow locker that can accommodate a gas tank while also serving as a seat for these sleek, top-of-the-line RIBs. A sealed tube from the bow locker to the transom drain allows a fuel line to run under the deck. This frees up deck space that was previously taken up by the fuel tank and fuel line. It simultaneously provides better weight distribution by having the weight of the gas tank in the bow.

As with every Achilles boat, the HB350DX is made with their own Achilles CSM fabric so it can handle the burning sun on those sweltering summer days or the colder waters of the spring and fall without fading or deteriorating. This is a tender that’ll have you out enjoying the Great Lakes in no time.


Argos Nautic GT14

The Argos Nautic GT14 is a 14-ft outboard luxury tender with a whopping 6-foot, 9-inch beam. This provides ample space for six people to explore the Great Lakes comfortably and in great style.

The GT14 was designed by the renowned designer Ptizio Facheris. The goal was to design a tender that would enhance the look of the yacht it serves, bringing the tender into the spotlight with style, ergonomics, and performance. The GT14 can have a more open layout to provide space for your individual needs. You can also have different seating arrangements. For example, the side console seat or front console seat can be added to have additional seating. 

Weighing 925 pounds when fully rigged, with a 60HP outboard engine it reaches speeds of up to 40 miles per hour and planes in under 3 seconds. It also features a 16-gallon fuel tank, providing great autonomy.

Every Argos Nautic tender can be customized to match the mothership or your personal style. The paint, upholstery, and tubes can be made to order, common accessories can be fitted and special requests can be made to have a truly one of a kind tender.  


BRIG Falcon 380HT

You can set sail in style with the Falcon 380 from BRIG. This sleek and versatile tender gives you all the tools you need for an excellent tender on the Great Lakes. Boaters who come across this rigid inflatable boat when they’re shopping for tenders in the 12-foot range often comment on its universal visual appeal.

The Falcon 380 is lightweight and fuel-efficient. Although this 12-foot inflatable tender is undoubtedly lightweight, it is still perfectly capable of carrying a large load. Also, driving this tender in a crowded marina is stress-free since it’s easy to maneuver, even in tighter spaces. It’s also easy to clean and maintain with minimal effort required.

Whether you want to head to shore to enjoy a romantic dinner with the Great Lakes as your picturesque backdrop, go on a supply run, or take a leisurely cruise up the shoreline, you can do it all in a Falcon 380. If you’re in the market for a tender in the 12-foot range, you’ll definitely want to look into this one from BRIG.


Highfield SPORT 360

The SPORT 360 works great as a yacht tender or small run-a-bout for the Great Lakes. Its perfect combination of luxury features and a dry riding heavy-duty aluminum hull mean the SPORT 360 is ideal for exploring or pulling up on a secluded beach. 

All Highfield hulls are light but durable and chromated before the powder-coating paint is applied. This makes allows it to avoid any chance of corrosion. The new twenty-degree deadrise in the hull and welded lift strakes will take you through the roughest conditions and can be brought up on rocky beaches with peace of mind. 

The Sport 360’s interior features new Italian styling and luxury double diamond-stitch cushions. There is even the option of a sunbed for more comfort while out for the day. The deep rear seat and ergonomic console offer more leg room than many other RIBs its size. 

This tender is rated for six people and 40hp motor. It also incorporates a built-in 8-gallon fuel system. The new SPORT 360 has everything you need in a deluxe tender RIB.


Ocean Craft Marine AMP

The AMP from Ocean Craft Marine is a high-performance Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) with a one-of-a-kind four-wheel drive amphibious wheel system. This allows the boat to be driven out of the water and onto the beach of lake front homes or onto a trailer.

The boat’s patented deep V-hull with reverse U-chines assures the ride on water is dry, stable, safe and fast. It’s even capable of reaching speeds of 60 miles per hour on the water.

The AMP’s BAS-100 Amphibious wheel system is holistically integrated into the boat, and it’s comprised of four independently motorized wheels powered by an independent 40 horsepower Briggs and Stratton engine. It also offers fly-by-wire control to raise and lower the aircraft-grade marinized aluminum wheel legs. A single steering wheel offers power steering of the front wheels in addition to the propulsion engines, making the boat easy to use, while its automatic electronic braking system makes traversing on land safe.

You can get the AMP in three different sizes: 23, 28 and 32 feet. There are also topside layouts available in multiple configurations. The AMP will make exploring the Great Lakes even more fun.



RIBCRAFT, a leading manufacturer of professional grade RIBs for military agencies, safety professionals, and recreational boaters alike, defines what a RIB should be with their newly redesigned RIBCRAFT 5.85 model. Made in the USA and personalized to the boater’s specifications, RIBCRAFT allows you to have it all without compromising on your Great Lakes journey. This tender’s bold and intuitive design does not disappoint.

Quick to plane and sure-footed through tight turns and in rough waters, the 5.85 has an aggressive deep V-hull, high swept bow, and full-length lifting stakes, which deliver superior handling. This redesigned layout includes comfortable bow and stern seating, an antenna arch with integrated swim ladder, optional T-Top and teak decks, while remaining true to its commercial roots.

With refined finishes and improved comforts, the newly configured RIBCRAFT 5.85 is one the ultimate RIBs. It will be the perfect addition to your mother vessel on the Great Lakes.


Walker Bay Generation 11 LTE

The Generation 11 LTE Deluxe Console RIB tender is one of the most comfortable boats in its class. Designed with the style, comfort, features and performance of a deluxe tender, it’s still engineered to be light for when weight is important.

This classy tender is available in different seating configurations to give you the best layout for your needs. The 3-seat option has a pedestal console base and open layout to give more leg room and space in the boat to move around. The 4-seat option gives more seating and comfort, and it includes an insulated cooler. Both options come with two stainless steel cup holders.

Spacious and comfortable, the Generation 11 LTE features unique ultra wide 4-inch thick cushions and enough legroom to really stretch your legs out. In addition to its comfortable interior, the modified V-Hull in the Generation LTE provides the perfect combination early planing performance and a smoother, drier ride.

The Generation 11 LTE is built using Walker Bay’s proprietary Composite Micro Stringer system, bonding the hull and deck into one piece making the boat lighter and stronger. The result is a boat that better absorbs chop and is quick to plane.


Williams Evojet 70

The Evojet 70 is a tremendous addition to the Williams fleet which was unveiled to reflect the latest “super-sizin” market trend. The 22-foot, 9-inch Evojet is Williams’ most advanced and luxurious tender to date. It’s designed for superyachts and is capable of seating 13 passengers in comfort. Powered by Yanmar’s 250hp 4LV diesel engine, this tender will allow you to cruise the Great Lakes in style.

The development of the Evojet was a natural progression with many of Williams’ existing clients owning impressively large yachts. Tenders placed onboard superyachts are often custom-built, but Williams’ proposition is unique as they can deliver a semi-customized product in a shorter lead time, leveraging their proven engineering to create a reliable, innovative superyacht tender at a very competitive price.

As one of the world’s leading jet tender specialists, Williams Jet Tenders designed and developed the world’s first 4-stroke jet and turbojet range of tenders over 15 years ago. Renowned for design excellence and practical attention to detail, Williams offers 14 models across five ranges.


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