Q&A with Boater Hunter Wright

May 2022 Feature

Hunter Wright owns his dream boat, a 1966 Christ Craft 47 Commander on Lake Huron. Water is life to this avid boater and yacht broker.

[GLB] What Great Lakes have you boated on? What is your home lake?

[H] I have boated on all of the Great Lakes except for Lake Ontario. We are based on the Saginaw Bay on Lake Huron.

[GLB] What kind of boat(s) do you have? 

[H] We currently have a 1966 Chris Craft 47 Commander.

[GLB] What does your average day look like on your boat?

[H] We typically start our day on the aft deck enjoying our coffee and taking in the sights and sounds of the marina. Then we fire the engines up and head out to Saginaw Bay to our favorite spot at what we call “boater’s beach.”

We make a great lunch and soak up the sun. We enjoy scrubbing the waterline, floating, and seeing our fellow boaters. I often like to put the TV on the aft deck and stream Detroit Tigers baseball or Sunday’s golf. It’s always fun to see the looks we get floating out there watching TV.

We end our day by heading far out in the bay, turning the engines off and drifting. Wine and charcuterie are staples on board and pair nicely with the sunset.  

[GLB] What made you decide to start boating?

[H] From a young age I had always been drawn to boating. My family is from Boyne City, Mich., so we would spend our summers on Lake Charlevoix. My parents had a fishing boat that we would tool around on and I would be fascinated by the boats in the marinas.

We spent a lot of time in Petoskey, Harbor Springs, and Mackinac Island. The boats there always had an impression on me. I remember being young and watching how happy the people were on board their boats and the comradery boaters had. 

From there, I set a goal to have a boat. Not only do I own the boat of my dreams, but I also work in the marine industry as a yacht broker. The water is my life. 

[GLB] What is one of your favorite boating memories?

[H] My favorite boating memory is a trip I took onboard the boat I currently own, before I bought her. The previous owners are like family to me. They had decided to keep the boat in Mackinaw City for a part of the summer and had asked my friend John and I to join them. 

So Steve, John, and I loaded her up and headed north. My best friends and I on a boat trip, what more could a guy ask for?

We had great weather the whole way and nearly a month up there, going back and forth to Mackinac Island and the city. There’s nothing better than walking back to the boat after an evening of fun at the Pink Pony. One of those friends is no longer with us, and I will forever hold the trip close to me.

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