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October 2021 Editorials Brady L. Kay

Being the executive editor of Great Lakes Boating magazine has its challenges, but believe me the perks more than outweigh any of the negatives. For starters, when new boats are set to launch for an upcoming model year, I often get a chance to jump on hull number one — months before it’s released to the general public. So when Regal Marketing Manager Jeff Littlefield invited me to preview the all-new Regal LS36, I enthusiastically responded to his invitation and the only details I needed to know were when and where.

Although the boat is scheduled to be on display at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show this fall, Jeff was eager not to only let me see it in-person months before its debut, but he wanted me to truly experience it too, and that meant traveling beyond my comfort zone of the Great Lakes and heading to the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri where the first LS36 was heading for a Regal dealer preview meeting.

First Impressions

We met at Kelly's Port Marina, a well-established Regal dealer in the Ozark area, and I recall standing in the parking lot overlooking the lake and being instantly impressed with the sheer size of the LS36 in the slip down below. Maybe it was because it was still on the lift, but the boat clearly stood out among other vessels in the water and I could hardly take my eyes off of as I got closer. I knew I was going to be meeting with Jeff as well as Lysle Spangler, the regional sales manager at Regal Marine, but I figured other members of the media would probably be there too. I’m happy to report I was wrong. It was just the three of us and they promised it would be unlike any media event I was used to attending. Already it was off to a great start.

A True Experience

Thirty-six feet of dynamic comfort technology advancements and new ways of thinking merge for the ultimate day yachting experience on the LS36. Regal was clearly rethinking its approach with its stylish and innovative new model and our media event would follow a similar trend of outside-the-box thinking. Instead of just focusing on getting the photos I needed as well as providing me with some time behind the wheel, the Regal team had a much bigger agenda in mind. Jeff and Lysle wanted to experience a fun day on the water as if we were three friends enjoying the unique lifestyle only boating can offer.

Getting Comfortable

Clearly the ergonomics and comfort were at the top of the list of priorities when the Regal engineers were designing this boat. The foam density, angle of the seatbacks, how the corner seating is used, and even the measurements of where your thighs rest were all thought through and rigorously tested to ensure maximum comfort. When you’re spending a day on the boat and not just focused on getting photos and taking notes for an article, you tend to appreciate these details a little more.

Heading To The Cove

Lysle fired up the twin Volvo engines and we pulled out of Kelly's Port Marina in search of a quiet cove. I jumped in the first-mate chair and was impressed by a setup that includes a 16-inch Garmin screen with a clear view of all navigation, system information, media controls, HDMI input, and a whole lot more. All of this was available at my fingertips, including being able to select the music, but our captain’s playlist was setting the tone for a perfect day on the water and I wasn’t able to change it. The first-mate could even hook up to a satellite and watch TV while cruising down the lake if desired, which would make your boat even more popular during football season.

Knowing how quickly the weather can change when out on the Great Lakes I seem to be oversensitive to layout designs, even though the weather was truly beautiful on this sunny August day. I loved having the versatility to simply open the expansive retractable hardtop, windshield walk-thru, and side windows on our way to the cove. The breeze felt great for a fully open-air yachting experience, but the Great Lakes boater in me also could appreciate how quickly we could close everything back up and crank up the cockpit air conditioning or heat if we needed to.

Let’s Eat

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken photos of staged food on a grill just to get a shot I needed for an article, so it was refreshing to actually cook up our lunch. After Jeff released the anchor off the bow, Lysle went to the slide-out fridge below the first-mate seat and began pulling out three varieties of sausages and vegetables to grill up, along with a variety of other side dishes.

“One of the things I love about the galley we’ve designed for this boat is it gives you the space so you can stand away but still be part of the conversation,” said Lysle as he began to grill. “There is a great flow on the boat and really it was designed for families and having groups together out for the day out on the lake.”

I didn’t think I was that hungry until the aroma of the sausages beginning to cook filled the air and then I could hardly wait to eat. The full-service galley made with premium materials and conveniences include the Kenyon smokeless electric grill, a hidden Yeti cooler with sliding access below, a built-in cutting board, sink and plenty of counter space.

There are two tables with three receivers with one in the bow and two in the stern. For lunch we had the tables set up in the stern for a very comfortable arrangement. After we ate our delicious lunch we then stowed the tables in their designated storage compartment hidden behind a bench seat.

Time For A Swim?

Even though they say not to swim right after you eat, I think we were all tempted as the air temperature was starting to heat up. No one was prepared with a swimsuit, but having the large swim deck with a nice grab rail in the back was sure tempting. The spacious platform includes an underwater swim platform step that is ideal for boaters of all ages, plus a boarding ladder on the starboard side with a dive door provides extremely easy access from the water. For those watching the swimmers, the versatility of the multi-purpose rear bench is greatly appreciated. It can be converted from a bench seat to the reversed position, a lounge seat or even a pop-up seat. It truly offers you several different ways to use this space. Also in the stern is an extended power shade, which was ideal on this sunny day.

Let’s Put The Throttle Down

It was getting really hot in the back of the cove so it was time to get moving and this gave me my first chance to get behind the helm. The boat was powered with twin Volvo 350hp engines and is available with 380hp or 430hp engines as well. After running it however, I feel the standard setup is plenty of power for this 36-footer.

The Volvo glass cockpit includes two more 16-inch Garmin screens with access to everything the captain needs such as charts and engine data and you can even set the boat to auto pilot to guide you to a designated destination, which lead us to Bridal Cave. To cool off and to do some exploring, our afternoon included a tour of one of the most popular caves in the Ozarks area. Other features at the helm include air conditioning ports and a wireless charging port for your phone.

Beyond A Day Boat

Yes the Regal LS36 is designed as the ultimate day boat, but it’s worth noting there is a versatile quarter berth forward of the helm that is accessed from the bow. The seat flips forward to reveal a large quarter berth area with an available mattress and StoreMore storage racks. Not only is this area washable, but it's also air-conditioned, making it the perfect area for storing large items or putting the kids down for a quick nap.

Speaking of innovative, to access the head compartment you simply slide the head door in front of the first-mate bench over for unimpeded access to your spacious head across from the helm.

Perfect Day

True to their word, this day was unlike any other media event I had ever experienced in my 20 plus years in this industry. It certainly didn’t feel like work with a cruise around the lake, lunch on the grill and tour of a local cave. In all honesty it just felt like another great day on the water. As crazy as it sounds especially considering I have my own boat and I’m constantly on the water with my own family, the day aboard this all-new Regal LS36 recharged me and left me with a greater understanding of why we boat.

Regal LS36 Specs

LOA; 37' 2" (11.3 m)
Beam: 11' 4" (3.4 m)
Fuel Capacity: 227 gals. (1276 L)
Max Capacity: CE 18 (Yacht Certified)

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