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Regal births a new legend with the 36 XO and 36 Grande Coupe

May 2021 Feature Heather Magda Serrano

Following in the wake of their enormously successful predecessor the 35 Sport Coupe, Regal Marine’s new 36 XO and 36 Grand Coupe models do not disappoint. Quite the contrary. Instead these models are setting a new industry standard for day yachting and overnight boating on the Great Lakes with their breathtaking versatility.

Raising The Bar

Lysle Spangler, the regional sales manager of Regal Marine, explained that their 35 Sport Coupe was the best-selling boat in its segment for years and that the 36 XO and 36 Grande Coupe have come in to replace it by raising the bar to an even higher level of luxury and versatility.

Spangler already feels the new 36 XO and 36 Grande Coupe offer Great Lakes boaters a more superior vessel since they check more boxes for buyers in terms of options and layouts. They give you the ability to customize them as overnight boats or as day boats according to how you choose to lay out the cabin and cockpit space and options.

Tom Mack, the founder and general manager of South Shore Marine in Huron, Ohio, agreed in noting that 35 Sport Coupe was one of the most successful boats Regal had built and that these new models offer the perfect follow-up to raise the bar in their segment yet again.

“The bar was set pretty high to build a better boat when replacing the 35 with these new 36 models,” observed Mack. “That’s a tall order right there, so you know the new XO and Grand Coupe are extra special.”

And they truly are.

Vivacious Versatility

One of the keys to the 36 XO and 36 Grande Coupe’s appeal largely comes from their versatility in offering either the perfect day boat or the ideal overnighter. Designed as premier crossovers, Regal yet again sets a new industry standard with these boats’ ability to adapt to two different styles of boating.

The XO and Grande Coupe build on the 35’s design as a day boat while simultaneously turning up the level of flexibility. For example, if you open up the walk-through window and the opening hardtop, it feels like you’re in a large runabout day boat which makes for excellent days of simply cruising.

At the same time, when you close the walk-through window and hardtop back up, it gives you the perfect overnight vessel as well. In this way, you get the best of both worlds.

“It hits that sweet spot so that if somebody wants a day boat, it’s a great day boat, but if somebody wants the Grande Coupe overnight boat, it absolutely checks that box too,” added Spangler. “That’s one of the things that I just love about the boat.”

Outboard Or Sterndrive?

Another major appeal to these new boats is they give you the option of choosing either outboard or sterndrive engines, depending on the model. Rich Gotlund, the president of Basa’s Marine in Bolingbrook, Ill., explained that the XO is the outboard version while the Grand Coupe is the sterndrive version.

The 36 XO features a low-to-the-water wraparound swim platform with wings on both sides of its Yamaha outboards. Then the 36 Grand Coupe gives you the choice of sterndrive engines while offering an expansive, full-beam swim platform that comes available with PowerPlatform. No matter which model you choose, both give you perfect options for enjoying the Great Lakes in the way you want.

“Outboards are better for anchoring in shallow water and saltwater,” described Gotlund. “Then the Grand Coupe sterndrive version offers the big swim platform without the outboards in the way.”

Mack also noted that these two different versions of the boat serve two different buyers. “Everybody’s got different likes,” said Mack, “and in the earlier version you didn’t have a choice for power. Now you do.”

No Need For Compromise

Both models feature the aforementioned Windshield Walk-Through. It’s as simple as sliding open the windshield to enjoy the unconstrained access from the salon to the bow with its multi-position seating. The boats offer ample amounts of space for relaxation and entertainment with their seamless and open designs.

“It’s on another level of innovation in terms of unique design, layout, styling, and its ability to entertain,” admired Mack. “The social elements of the boat are standouts for sure.”

With both models, you can either opt for the standard wide-open cockpit or you can choose to lengthen your days on the Great Lakes with the glass enclosure upgrade.

“Feature-wise,” noted Spangler, “one of my favorite things about the 36 XO and 36 Grande Coupe is the opening hardtop and the fact that you can get it with the sliding glass doors for an enclosed salon.”

This makes it better for boating further up north in the Great Lakes because you can extend your season, thanks to an enclosed cockpit. Then in warmer weather when you prefer to have some optimum airflow, the boat can provide that for you as well with no glass doors, giving you a larger, more open cockpit.

Everything You Need

The 36 XO and 36 Grande Coupe boast plenty of space and comfort no matter where you turn. For one thing, you’ll never find yourself in want of the perfect seat with the multi-position bow seating. It gives you the option of sitting up to enjoy the Great Lakes views or lying back to soak up some rays in maximum comfort.

As for the galley, you’ll find everything you need for cooking and entertaining all in one convenient space. Then the optional glass sliding door enclosure perfectly integrates the salon and aft seating areas. This area’s design offers a seamless flow that will enhance your fun on the water.

In the cabin, you’ll find a forward stateroom with plenty of storage and ample room to access the bed from both sides. The aft cabin offers a relaxing space with convertible face-to-face seating that can easily transform into a sprawling queen for a good night’s rest. This gives you so many options for accommodation that you and your family and friends will certainly be prepared if your day out on the Great Lakes turns into an overnight stay on the water.

You’ll also get an expansive walk-in shower in the head, featuring spa-like qualities. This area features handcrafted cabinetry along with premium countertops. True to form, you definitely find luxury and comfort everywhere you turn in the 36 XO and the 36 Grande Coupe.

Already A Bestseller

It’s little wonder these new models from Regal have been met with such wild anticipation to the point where almost everything that’s gone off the factory has gone straight to retail. The layouts simply cater to exactly what boaters are looking for in terms of functionality and comfort.

“These boats just came out and it’s difficult for you to even get one because they’re already pre-sold,” said Gotlund.

When Great Lakes Boating spoke to Gotlund in September, he mentioned that Basa’s Marine had one of the only available boats to view from Regal since they were selling so quickly before they could even get to the dealers. So far everyone Gotlund has been able to show the boat to has agreed that it is truly unbelievable.

“Everybody’s excited to see these boats,” added Mack. “The proof is in the results and I know they’ve sold a lot of them. Most people haven’t even seen them yet and they’re selling them, which is a big indicator. They’re hard to get and every dealer is scratching and clawing to get one.”

Mack is getting one of the new models at South Shore Marine soon and he’s already got a line of people waiting to see it.

With a reputation for innovation and spectacularly performing boats, Regal’s new 36 XO and 36 Grande Coupe are nothing short of stunning. These new models raise the bar yet again in terms of functionality and luxury.

“I think they’re giving birth to another legend,” shared Mack.


Regal 36 XO Specifications
LOA: 38’ 7”
Beam: 11’ 6”
Fuel Capacity: 265 gals.
Dry Weight: 17,650 lbs.
Deadrise: 16
Draft – Drive Up: 26”
Draft – Drive Down: 36”
Fresh Water Capacity: 52 gals.
Waste Capacity: 29 gals.


Regal 36 Grande Coupe Specifications
LOA: 37’ 3”
Beam: 11’ 6”
Fuel Capacity: 200 gals.
Dry Weight: 17,300 lbs.
Deadrise: 16
Draft – Drive Up: 2’ 3”
Draft – Drive Down: 3’ 3”
Fresh Water Capacity: 52 gals.
Waste Capacity: 29 gals.

For More Information

Basa’s Marine

Regal Marine Industries, Inc.

South Shore Marine

To find a Regal dealer near you, visit Regal's website at www.regalboats.com.

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