Back to the Basics: How & Why to Purchase a Boat Lift

April 2021 Multimedia ShoreMaster

Your Great Lakes summer wouldn’t be complete without a trip out on your boat, feeling the wind and the waves. If this will be your first summer with a boat, you’re not alone—lots of people are buying boats right now, and manufacturers are having a hard time keeping up with the demand. You’ll want to protect that investment as long as you can, which means that if you don’t already have one, your next purchase should be a boat lift. 

Why Buy a Boat Lift? 

Why a boat lift if boats are meant to be in the water? While they’re not the most glamorous boat dock accessories, they offer essential features and benefits. 

Your boat isn’t meant to be on the water full-time. More time on the water means more potential for corrosion, oxidization, marine growth, and other damage—constant exposure to water, waves, wind, rain, sun, and debris can have an impact over time. Boat lifts also protect your craft from bumping into your dock and keep it safe from unexpected storms. 

Boat lifts also make all parts of boating life easier, which means you’ll get more enjoyment out of your boat. Because your boat is out of the water when lifted, it’s easier to clean and maintain the hull. A lift makes getting your boat into and out of the water faster and easier—you’re right there on the shore, after all. It’s also more convenient to get you, your passengers, and what you need on and off the boat. 

What to Look For 

You want a boat lift that fits your specific water needs and personal aesthetic. There are many boat lifts on the market designed for just about everyone with a boat. Use these ideas to brainstorm what your ideal boat lift will look and perform like: 

  • What kind of boat do you have? 

  • What is the loaded weight of your boat? 

  • Do you have saltwater or fresh water at your dock? 

  • Is your water deep or shallow? 

  • Where will your boat be stored in the offseason? 

  • Is your dock fixed or floating? 

  • How much space do you have on your dock? 

  • Do you want remote control operation? 

  • How much maintenance are you willing or able to do? 

Still, Have Questions? 

This market is a big place with a lot of options. Any boat lift dealer will be happy to answer your boat lift questions. Dealers have the knowledge to determine the right boat lift for your craft, waterfront, and needs and help you avoid those that aren’t a good fit. You’ll want to buy from a team of fellow boat lovers that you can trust to offer the customer service, installation, and other services you need. 

A boat lift might sound like an extra step between you and the water, but compared to backing a boat trailer up to your waterfront every time you want to head out, it’s a lot easier. It also keeps your boat protected while you’re not there, making sure you get the most out of your watercraft. 

For more information: 
ShoreMaster, LLC 
1025 International Drive 
Fergus Falls, MN 56537 

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