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10 products every pet should have

January 2021 Multimedia Heather Magda Serrano

Boating on the Great Lakes is awesome, but it’s even more awesome with your furry friend. If you’re a pet owner, you probably already know how important it is to make sure your pet has everything they need in terms of safety, grooming, and toys when it comes to spending the day out on the lake.

So if you’re on the lookout for boating products for your pet, look no further because we’ve already done all the leg work for you and compiled this list of essential products that every pampered pooch should have on the Great Lakes.

Skippy Dog PFD

It’s true most dogs can swim. They even have a popular stroke named after them. However, they’ll have more fun in the Great Lakes and you’ll have greater peace of mind when they wear a life vest. The Skippy Dog PFD from Salus Marine covers all the bases for being an excellent life vest for you dog.

The Skippy features Cordura Nylon for durability, and the flotation under the belly and chest allow greater buoyancy that lifts the dog up out of the water while allowing comfort with the help of the belly-lifting straps. The Tummy-Saver padding helps protect active dogs and the two-handle straps make it easy to grab and lift your heavier pup out of the water. This clever design makes it so that dogs will float higher, and when lifted, their weight is evenly distributed across the padding.

MSRP: $89 to $99


Hydro Plane Floating Dog Toy

Don’t forget your pet’s water toys! The Hydro Plane Floating Dog Toy from RUFFWEAR would be the perfect fit to bring along on your next Great Lakes trip. This soft, floating disc is built for dogs who love to play fetch in or around water. It’s gentle on your dog’s mouth and the 12-inch diameter makes it easy to pick up. This disc is well built for every kind of fun, ranging from training to a game of tug-o-war.

The lightweight and pontoon-like construction of the Hydro Plane Floating Dog Toy gives it the ability to float high atop the water without sinking, for easy visibility and retrieval. It’s a toy that is sure to bring hours of fun for your furry friend on all your future Great Lakes boating trips.

MSRP: $24.95


Hydrating Butter

If your dog is a fan of boating and swimming in the Great Lakes, chances are your pet could also be suffering from dry skin and fur. Not only does this make them less enjoyable to pet, but it can also be uncomfortable and itchy for your dog. With Hydrating Butter from Warren London, you can put dry skin and fur in the rearview mirror.

Hydrating Butter is a leave-in conditioner that offers a non-oily intense hydrating treatment for a silky smooth skin and coat. The extract used is a natural humectant that moisturizes and adds vital nutrients with a soothing scent. This product is one of the only patented formulas that release moisturizing emollients every 2 hours for 24-hour hydration.

The Hydrating Butter works on all kinds of dogs’ coats and produces excellent results on dry and damaged skin, coats and paws. It’ll leave you dog’s coat looking shiny and smooth. Not only will your dog feel great, but they’ll smell great too with the aromatherapeutic scents.

MSRP: $12.99


Surf N Turf Dog Life Jacket

Whether your dog is shy around the water or they love it and just don’t know their own limits, the Surf N Turf Dog Life Jacket from Kurgo is a perfect fit for your pooch. This life jacket comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from big labs down to little SUP pups.

The Surf N Turf life jacket’s flotation layer is both streamlined and comfortable. It allows it to keep up with the most active dogs, but it is also removable and doubles as a simple shell. The vest also sports two metal D-rings so you can attach your dog’s leash, and one even doubles as a bottle opener. Built to last, this doggie life jacket is constructed with 400D and Ripstop material along with inside flotation material. Additionally, you’ll find two handles that make it easy to extract your dog from any sticky situation, aquatic or otherwise.

MSRP: $45.99 to $69.99


Aqua Sidekick Ramp

Boarding a boat can be tricky for pets on the Great Lakes, but with the Aqua Sidekick Ramp from HandiRamp, boarding becomes both safe and easy. This ramp is designed with both boaters and pets in mind. As a wheelchair access ramp, it’s easily installed at the side entrance door of pontoon boats.

The compact design allows the ramp to blend in with the pontoon’s overall appearance while the wide, skid-resistant aluminum platform gives easy and safe access for everyone when boarding and returning to the dock. Additionally, installing the ramp is simple and only takes around an hour, thanks to its two-piece construction.

When you’re not using the ramp, it simply folds up for convenient storage. The Aqua Sidekick Ramp features a lightweight aluminum design that can support up to 600 pounds, not to mention that it also comes with a 1-year warranty. This ramp will make boarding a breeze for both you and your pet.

MSRP: $399


Anchors Aweigh Toy

Whether at the dock or out exploring, you’re going to want to keep a water toy handy for your pet. This is where the Anchors Aweigh Toy from WAGGO shines as the perfect fit for playful pups. This durable nautical dog toy will stand up to hours of fun. Plus, it’s floatable, making it ideal for playing in the Great Lakes. This toy comes in nautical navy, classic cherry or mint, and will be sure to be one of your dog’s favorite playthings.

The Anchors Aweigh Toy comes in two sizes: the small is 6 by 5 inches and the large is 7 by 8 inches. This product meets all the US Child Safety Standards and is made with 100 percent non-toxic rubber, which is Phthalates- and BPA-free. So the next time you head out to the Great Lakes for a day of boating, don’t forget your dog’s new favorite toy!

MSRP: $16 (Large)


DFD X2 Boost

When we say everyone onboard should have a life jacket, we really mean everyone, which also includes your canine companions. That’s where the DFD X2 Boost from EzyDog comes in. This dog life jacket is made with superior flotation and ergonomics, giving your pet a modern and streamlined fit for maximum comfort on the Great Lakes.

The DFD X2 features ultra-buoyant foam that’s strategically positioned around the vest such as under the dog’s belly. This makes it so your dog can stay upright in a natural swimming position at all times. It also sports a revolutionary top collar adjustment that gives your dog an easy fit while seamlessly concealing any excess straps.

Other features you’ll find on the DFD X2 include a padded girth adjustment for comfort and security plus a leash attachment. In addition, the life jacket has reflective piping and a grab handle, making your pup both easy to spot and easy to grab.

MSRP: $79


Stinky Dog Kit

There’s nothing like spending quality boating time with your pet on the Great Lakes, but let’s face it: the wet dog smell is real, especially in the close proximities of your boat. That’s why it’s important to keep that pet looking, feeling and most importantly smelling their best. You can accomplish this with the Stinky Dog Kit from Skout’s Honor. This essential kit has everything you need to keep your dog (and your boat) fresh and clean.

The Stinky Dog Kit comes with Probiotic 2-1 Shampoo + Conditioner, Probiotic Daily Deodorizer Spray, and Probiotic Ear Cleaner to help keep your pet’s natural microbiome in balance. This is especially good for dogs who love to swim, making it perfect for your boating trips. Lastly, the kit also includes an Odor Eliminator Spray that’ll keep your boat smelling fresh and not like a wet dog. This kit is a must for every avid Great Lakes boater’s pet.

MSRP: $59


YETI Boomer 8 Stainless Steel Dog Bowl 

Don’t forget your dog’s lunch when you take them out on the Great Lakes. That means you’ll also need a dog bowl in which case, West Marine has got you covered. Their YETI Boomer 8 Stainless Steel Dog Bowl is designed to be as dependable and down for adventure as your best friend. It’s ultra-durable, easy to clean, and won’t slip and slide across your boat’s deck no matter how enthusiastically your canine chows down.

Boomer is built with kitchen-grade stainless steel to resist rust and roughhousing, while the BearFoot non-slip ring makes sure it won’t budge. Most importantly, it’s BPA-free so you can fill it to the brim with eight cups of fresh water, tasty treats, or the world’s best kibble. It’ll help make sure your pet is well fed and well taken care of. Then once your dog’s successfully licked their bowl clean, you can throw it in the dishwasher because time is better spent on the boat.

MSRP: $49.99


Boz Dog Ball

If you and your dog are avid players of fetch, you’re going to love the Boz Dog Ball from West Paw. Boz (rhymes with “nose”) is a light and bouncy dog ball that’s soft enough for dogs to catch in their mouth. This floatable dog toy has a durable exterior texture, which makes it irresistible for fetch fanatics.

Even though human hands can’t typically squish Boz, dogs can compress the ball between their teeth, allowing them a satisfying endorphin release. Unlike an average tennis ball, Boz is more durable, squishy and doesn’t contain any toxic glues or lead. Plus, the small Boz version fits in a standard ball thrower if you really want to send your dog running (or swimming).

Made in the USA, Boz is recyclable, floatable and guaranteed to withstand dog damage. In short, it’s the perfect toy to take for your dog on your next Great Lakes boat trip.

MSRP: $12:95


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