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The new Lexus luxury yacht

September 2020 Feature Heather Magda Serrano

The luxury vehicle company Lexus recently graduated from land to the water, introducing its first ever Lexus luxury yacht to the boating community. The LY 650 goes beyond the automobile industry and delivers unique styling and fantastic cruising performance that’s reminiscent of the design and comfort Lexus vehicles are known for.

Made in collaboration with the craftspeople of Marquis Yachts in Pulaski, Wis., the LY 650 is unlike anything on the Great Lakes today. Everything from the boat’s sleek shape to its excellent performance speaks of the luxury it promises boaters.

“Being a Lexus gives it an association to a brand that stands for quality and craftsmanship,” explained Matthew Vetzner, the vice president of Marquis Yachts. “Then its sheer physical style and design also set it apart from other yachts.”

All you have to do is look at the boat to see what Matthew is talking about with its soft, rounded edges. Unlike traditional boats that tend to look more angular, the LY 650 boasts a design that appears devoid of any sharp edges. Instead, it’s all curves, allowing your eye to continue looking without being stopped by hard angles. It makes it so both your mind and eye keeps looking beyond because of the natural flow.

Compellingly Attractive

With the handsome design and abundance of luxury features, it’s no surprise the boat appeals to everyone who lays eyes on it. “People have been impressed with how the boat has characteristics that they see and know from Lexus vehicles,” shared Matthew. “There’s also been some surprise because they aren’t expecting so many similarities or strong associations to the cars.”

The similarity between the yacht and the Lexus vehicle ranks very highly for Steve Germain, the president of the Lexus dealership Germain Automotive Group which has 18 stores in Ohio, Michigan and Florida. Steve first heard about the Lexus luxury yacht in 2017 when attending a new car showing for dealers in Plano, Texas. When he learned Akio Toyoda, the president of the Toyota Motor Corporation, had commissioned Marquis Yachts to build a boat with the logo and design built in collaboration with Lexus, he was very excited.

“Being a Lexus dealer, I was intrigued with this new product,” said Steve, “and I felt very strongly that because of our relationship with Toyota and Lexus we needed to support their efforts in talking further with Marquis.”

So Steve struck up a conversation with Rob Parmentier, the president of Marquis Yachts, about building one of the boats for him and his family. Before shaking on a deal, Steve still had to get his wife’s approval and he wasn’t sure what she would think. However, once she saw the model and the sheer luxury the LY 650 has to offer, she was sold. They placed their order and now the Germain family is excited to take delivery of their new Lexus yacht this spring.

“We obviously plan on using the yacht for the pleasure and the benefit of the family,” described Steve, “but we also plan on using it to promote the Lexus brand and our overall company. It’s going to be a great source of entertainment; it’s such a beautiful boat.”

Seamless Transitions

It’s hard to imagine a more successful transfer of design from automobile to 65-foot yacht. The LY 650 has a strong, accented bow with a dynamic hull. The boat also features one of the widest beams in its class, measuring in at almost 19 feet. The optional two-tone color scheme accentuates its one-of-a-kind form, and the metallic accents visible on the bow, side windows, and the L-shaped air intakes help to emphasize the iconic image of the boat.

“There are a lot of things in the design of the boat that, from my perspective, remind me of the automobiles,” admired Steve. “It has a lot of the same characteristics the cars have, and primarily fit and finish.”

The emphasis on quality is apparent throughout the vessel, branding the boat as distinctively Lexus. The interior utilizes an advanced design of [omotenashi], which refers to Japanese hospitality that warmly anticipates fulfilling people’s needs. The white-themed interior space also encourages a feeling of openness with its creative lighting and curved lines.

The salon’s layout is both efficient and comfortable, featuring dual captain’s seats, sofas set forward, and a galley set aft. Then below the salon are three stunning staterooms with generous amounts of headroom. Each of these rooms comes with a private head and shower.

Unprecedented Features     

Since the LY 650 has gone into production, Marquis Yachts has adopted the use of the famous Toyota Production System, showing how they continuously focus on ways to improve their efficiency and raise the quality of their boats. Every contour of the Lexus yacht demonstrates this innovation and dedication to excellence.

Designed for cruising comfort, this boat can achieve thrilling speeds with the help of twin Volvo Penta IPS engines. These engines, paired with the unique underwater-hull shape, allow the boat to reach high outputs while maintaining low fuel consumption. The LY 650 also sports an impressive range of piloting-support functions, which includes a joystick control and a fixed-point position-holding on the water.

Constructed with CFRP for lightness and rigidity, the hull makes it possible to attain incredible performance while still emphasizing comfort for your guests. Not only does it give you a smooth ride, but a quiet one as well. The effective soundproofing sandwich panels in the main walls help to ensure quiet so your conversations are never interrupted while underway.

The boat also features LY-Link, an advanced technology for boat connectivity. This technology can monitor the boat and send notifications through text messages if it detects anything unusual. LY-Link also gives you the convenience of being able to remotely control various components on the boat, such as the air conditioning and lights, through your smartphone.

The captain’s seat hosts an advanced, stylish instrument panel with touchscreen operation as well. A custom Mark Levinson Surround Sound System with a subwoofer system is also available.

Endless Discovery

The appeal of the LY 650 goes far beyond technology in its association with the luxury Lexus vehicles and the raw emotion they embody. “Any new boat today can have new and improved technology,” added Steve. “For us it’s more about the heritage and relationship our family has with Toyota and Lexus.”

Matthew also agreed that the Lexus yacht goes beyond high-end technology and features. “The feeling, the sensation, the sense of craftsmanship and construction,” mused Matthew. “The boat gives more of an emotional type of connection.”

The LY 650 also gives off a sense of mystery and intrigue since people tend to notice something new every time they look at the boat. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something you didn’t notice before grabs your attention. Every turn offers delightful surprises. Between the association with the Lexus luxury car brand and the sheer luxuriousness of the vessel, the LY 650 is guaranteed to make quite a splash in the Great Lakes region.

As Steve daydreamed about the delivery of his new Lexus yacht this spring, he couldn’t help but smile. “We understand this boat will be one of the finest built,” shared Steve. “It’s going to be unlike anything on the water today.”


LOA: 65’ 5”
Beam: 18’ 11”
Engine Options: Two Volvo Penta IPS producing 1,300, 1,200, or 1,050hp each
Fuel Capacity: 1,060 gal.
Water Capacity: 225 gal.
Sleeping Quarters: 3 staterooms (sleeping for 6 people)

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