Preparing Your Dock and Lifts for a Successful Spring Install

April 2020 Multimedia ShoreMaster

When the snow starts thawing, Great Lakes boaters start thinking about installing their docks. Northern boaters understand the impact that all seasons have on our boating lives: whether this is your first spring install or not, it’s worth reading up on how to install your dock properly to ensure your upcoming summer is spent on the water instead of on installation or repair work. The waterfront experts of Minnesota-based ShoreMaster have these four tips for seasonal dock installation.

Choose an Easy-to-Assemble System

Systems that are easy to install will not only help you every spring but will also keep your fall tear-down work and winter storage to a minimum. When investing in a dock system, choose one that’s easy to put together by hand, made of lightweight material like aluminum, and has features like stackable dock section frames and removable decking, legs, and accessories. A sectional or wheel-in dock can make the process even easier, making it possible for as few as two people to carry and connect dock sections into the water.

Note the Water Level

Between the melting snow and the rain, spring is a very wet time, and the weather can affect how deep the water is. When setting up your dock, it’s important to remember that the tallest waves shouldn’t be able to hit your dock frame while it’s in the water. A dock system with an adjustable height can help you accommodate any changes in water depth between seasons—floating docks will automatically adjust to changing water levels, and docks with deep leg pockets allow you to easily adjust your dock’s height.

Perform Seasonal Maintenance and Cleaning

Your dock and lift needs maintenance and cleaning between boating seasons just like your watercraft does. Despite being in the water all season, your dock and lift should still be cleaned with environmentally friendly products and checked for damage and corrosion before you install it and again before it’s time to store your system for the year. Keep the materials used in your dock system in mind because wooden decking requires more involved care than aluminum decking, but both need proper maintenance to stay beautiful and reliable.  Inspect individual parts of your lift for damage and wear to see if anything needs to be replaced or repaired. If you’re using a boat lift motor on your dock, make sure that’s working as well.  The same idea applies to accessories like boat lift canopies. Keeping them properly stored, dry, and clean will keep your boat dock, lift and accessories looking and performing well season after season.

Invest in a Quality Product

Choose a boat dock and lift system that you’re proud to own and that will last even after many seasons of installation and removal. You’ll want a well-engineered system made of quality materials that has the features that you value in a boat dock. Durable materials, a great aesthetic, and ease of use are all worthwhile qualities to invest in when it comes to creating a boat dock that’s truly yours and remains reliable for years.

Spend less time worrying about setup and tear down logistics and more time on the water. With these tips in mind, you’re on your way to an easy spring set up and smooth sailing for your boat dock system.

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