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Published in the March 2020 Issue July 2020 Feature Colin Peterson

Many large yachts, because of the size of their engines and power trains, are known to vibrate, clunk, and whine rather heavily as they accelerate, similar to large trucks and buses with automatic transmissions. Wouldn’t it be nice to have more pep and not have to feel and hear all that jolting and noise? Twin Disc, Inc., a leading manufacturer of powertrains for off-highway and industrial applications, has a solution for large vessels, branded as the QuickShift technology.

How QuickShift Feels For Boaters

With this technology, you’ll feel like you’re smooth sailing, literally. QuickShift makes a yacht feel more like it has a continuously variable transmission (CVT), even though it actually doesn’t, where you really won’t feel the shifting at all as the boat accelerates. Plus, it helps a vessel to gain speed quickly. To get a more up-close-and-personal experience with this technology, we took a ride on a yacht near the Twin Disc headquarters in Racine, Wis., named Double Clutch that uses this technology, and the company reps who were operating it explained to us how it works. Mated to two QuickShift transmissions on the vessel were Caterpillar C12 12.0L inline-6 turbo diesel engines.

How QuickShift Works

The QuickShift transmissions have helical gearing (slanted teeth), which plays the most significant role in helping to reduce noise. The main part of the system, though, is the robust and effective GP valve, which is the foundation of the QuickShift’s unique rapid-shifting ability. With it, hydraulic, oil-cooled clutches help to provide the smooth and quick shifting; the seamless engagement is so seamless you have to experience it to believe it! Electronically-controlled solenoids regulate the pressure applied to the clutches, creating a notch-less change in speed from when the propeller is barely spinning to when it’s spinning full-speed (full engagement) and the same notch-less change when decelerating. Maintenance of the system is also easy, as no shims, springs, or orifices are required for installation or adjustment of the system. For the owner or operator of the vessel, that means there are no installation or setup hassles.

Easy Control Across The Board

You’ll have amazing power in milliseconds, whether you nudge the throttle or go full-out. Even when you’re in trolling mode, the clutch response time is impressive. An extra trolling valve is not needed to get extra trolling performance either. You just add the Twin Disc e-Troll controller and you have superior trolling capability. In fact, this system caters so much to those who love to fish that it also includes an electronic positioning system to help with baiting. Simply put, the QuickShift system is able to shift much faster than you could. With this setup, you also have full power along with identical reduction gear ratios in both forward and reverse. All of this is achieved with minimal external plumbing.

The EC300 lever controller is probably the most important aspect of the QuickShift technology for the operator, as the captain will love the simplicity it has to offer. It provides single-lever and fingertip control of engine speed, propeller speed, and direction, all in one location.

In addition to the lever control, the technology also includes an Express Joystick System (EJS), which totally transforms docking and no-wake zone maneuvering of large diesel-powered yachts. Speed and direction are merely at your fingertips with this controller, as the EJS simultaneously controls the engines, transmissions, and thrusters.

To Sum Up

QuickShift is a propulsion technology like no other used on large yachts. It’s so sporty; it can make a vessel feel more like a day boat than a yacht as you’re driving it. It sounds unreal, but it’s true. You just have to experience it for yourself. When you experience QuickShift, you’ll learn why Twin Disc is a company with renowned reliability. This product has become the hallmark of what they are all about.


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