Top Must-Ask Boat Show Questions

February 2020 Multimedia ShoreMaster

Shopping for your dock or other waterfront accessories at a boat show is a great experience when you consider that you can see in person what you’re thinking about buying and talk to a dealer in person. It can also be easy to get overwhelmed by the show, not to mention the show specials. How do you know if you’re getting the most out of your boat show visit?

Before you go to the show, you should know what your waterfront is like (the water depth, the bottom, what your neighbors are using, etc.), what you plan on doing with your dock, and what your budget is. While cost is an important factor to consider and boat show specials can be tempting, your dock is a long-term investment. Asking these five questions can help you make sure you’re getting the information you need from boat show dealers.

What Will Work with My Waterfront?

All of that information about your waterfront and what you plan on doing with your dock will help point your dealer to what you need. You need to know if a dock is going to be tall enough to accommodate your water depth or adjust if it fluctuates. Knowing whether your bottom is muddy, firm, or rocky will tell the dealer more about how to secure the dock. Properties with seawalls have different needs than those on beaches. All of these factors will help your dealer make the right recommendation and help you make the right choice.

Can I Remove this Myself?

Odds are, as a Great Lakes boater, you’re a seasonal waterfront user. Boat show dealers in the area might understand that you need to remove your dock each season, but it doesn’t hurt to ask whether a system can be removed. It also helps to know if you’re able to remove it yourself because some docks and decking require a dealer to install or remove, which isn’t ideal for seasonal users. If this is a concern for you, look out for dealers that offer wheel-in or sectional docks.

How Long Have You Been in the Business?

The companies that have been around the longest know a thing or two about the water. Dealers and manufacturers that have been in business for decades often have products that speak for themselves and the expertise to make sure you’re making the right choices.

What Makes Your Products Different?

High-quality dock systems will stand out from competitors for all the right reasons. When you talk to dealers, it’s worth asking what sets their system apart. Any dealer will be proud to talk about innovative construction, sturdy materials, and the other details that go into making their docks a worthwhile investment.

How Adaptable is Your System?

You’re going to use your boat dock and lift for many years, but a lot can happen in a few years. Your waterfront needs could change for any number of reasons: you might get a new boat, you might retire and spend more time on the water, the water level on your property might change, or your priorities could shift over time. Your dock system must be adaptable, whether that means a boat lift with a wide travel distance, additional dock sections, or accessories and features that can be added or removed later. What you get in a boat show special might not be what you need in five, ten, or twenty years, so keep your boating future in mind when you shop around.

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