Top Boating Memes of 2018

December 2018 Feature Emily FitzPatrick Web Exclusive

Every year new friendships are formed, memories created, and traditions started. We hope that 2018 has been a memorable year for you.

This year the Great Lakes Boating staff decided to start a new tradition on Facebook called “Meme Monday.” This tradition has become a favorite among our readers and ourselves, because everyone enjoys a good laugh. Hilarious memes have made the start of our weeks a little easier this year and we decided it would be fun to reflect upon some of our favorites.

Don’t ever upset the captain

We all know the consequences of upsetting the captain, which is perhaps why this meme forces us to crack a smile. Luckily, there is no chances of being fed to any sharks on the Great Lakes, but we’re sure any captain can create a number of other punishments for those that defy his rule.

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