Kincardine Marina, Kincardine, Ontario

Three reasons to get away

Published in the October 2018 Issue June 2019 Feature Emily FitzPatrick

Do you ever dream of escaping town and running away to a place where you could get lost and simply be a tourist? Well, you might not be able to get lost in Kincardine since it’s a small town, but you can certainly enjoy the touristy feel and the array of goods the marina and town have to offer.

Kincardine Marina sits right on the coast of Lake Huron with total of 320 slips, 14 of which are always on hand for transient boaters. Locals from the yacht club are dedicated to their slips from the marina, but when they travel to other places their spots also become open for those hoping to stay for a visit.

Kincardine is the perfect place to sneak away for a short escape during your travels around the Great Lakes. Co-harbormaster Rob Riggin offers three reasons you should make Kincardine a priority as you travel Lake Huron:

1) Position On Lake Huron

Kincardine Marina’s position on the lake with respect is within equal distance to the north channel up at Manitoulin and the Sinclair River, making it the perfect stopping point for all boaters. With such a well-plotted location it is easy to see why Kincardine draws in a consistent amount of boaters. The town is especially accommodating toward transient boaters with a city that is quite literally built around the marina.

“The town  surrounds the marina and it’s very handy for people getting supplies. I’m not necessarily talking marine supplies, but going to food stores and clothes stores and everything town because we don’t have big operators here, marine suppliers here,” shared Riggin. “Virtually none. People are pretty well-equipped to take the trip when leaving their homeport. If something needs to be repaired we can do it, but that’s not a strength of the marina itself.”

2) The Price Is Right

For boaters looking to save a little bit of money on their trip, the marina is a good place to stop.

“We have a low fee compared to other marinas nearby, because it’s not privately owned. We have very accommodating rates, especially for people passing through,” explained Riggin. “Our fuel rates are generally the lowest on the lakes.”

3) A Welcoming Place

With an array of activities, Kincardine is a welcoming place to tourists who wish to come in and take part in all of the fun. The club has sailing races twice a week, Wednesday and Sunday, along with other activities that take place around the harbor. Kincardine is extremely tourist-oriented thanks to its position right on the shore of Lake Huron and the Scottish heritage it holds. So there are many events that don’t necessarily involve the yacht club, but are still worth exploring.

“We have a large Blues festival here in the summer, which brings a lot of boaters in every year,” Riggin said. “And people can walk right from the marina to the various venues where the Blues are being performed.”

There’s so much to do in Kincardine that even the highest of high energy boaters will be kept entertained for the duration of their visit. Now’s the time to plan your great escape.


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