Cobourg Marina, Cobourg, Ontario

Small start, big heart

Published in the October 2018 Issue July 2019 Feature Emily FitzPatrick

Vincent Van Gogh once said, “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” This concept is easier to comprehend when viewing Van Gogh’s works, such as Starry Night or Olive Trees. Though Van Gogh was never recognized during his lifetime for his inspiring work, today the world appreciates his attention to small detail and open-mindedness that allowed for the creation of hundreds of masterpieces, which seemingly transport the mind to another dimension.

The First Sketch

Last year, the Cobourg Marina hosted one of the weigh stations that held a 10,000 dollar winning fish at the Great Ontario Salmon Derby. Though Cobourg Marina has recently drawn in the attention of sports fishermen everywhere because of its participation in the Great Ontario Salmon Derby, it started out a lot like Van Gogh’s work, relatively unknown for years despite its beauty.

“It actually started with a group of boaters, recreational boaters, who formed a group and they basically started out as a yacht club. And then they got permission to put in a few docks and that’s how we started,” Paul Gautchier, general manager of Cobourg Marina explained. “Eventually the town decided they wanted to build a proper marina and they did. The yacht club still exists, and we’re home to what’s known as the Cobourg Yacht Club, but they have their own clubhouse and run their own programs and they all rent docks from the marina.”

A Developing Portrait

Growth in the marina has continued to escalate because the closest marina is about five hours either way by sail, making it a natural stopover point for transient boaters. Cobourg Marina now holds 218 slips, as well as additional wall space with a range of amenities, including a picnic area on the grounds, complimentary Wi-Fi, and bicycles for guests who wish to go exploring.

The marina’s position adjacent to a large sandy beach and a short distance from the downtown core makes it the perfect spot for transients who wish to float in and participate in some of the local events, such as the local Sand Castle Festival, where professional sand sculptors create elaborate sand castles on the beach. Sand sculpting classes are also held for individuals who want to try their hand at molding the sand, allowing everyone to take part of the fun.

A Masterpiece

Though Cobourg and its marina are loved by those who come in for a visit, it is even more beloved by the locals who take it upon themselves to watch after the area and its facilities.

“I think the seasonal boaters take more of an ownership and interest in the property and facilities, because they spend so much time here. They’re very conscientious about what goes on around the marina and they’re very protective of the marina,” Gautchier shared, “whereas the transient boaters are typically here for a shorter stay and they’re focus is more on what the amenities are and the conveniences The locals have such a pride in the facilities.”

The hard work of locals and the interest of transient boaters has now made Cobourg Marina one of the top places to visit on the Great Lakes, its position on Lake Ontario making it entirely unique and worth treasuring.


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