Great Lakes Myths and Facts

Lake Monsters, Dr. Seuss, and home runs

September 2018 Feature Madison Weaver Web Exclusive

Lake Monsters, Dr. Seuss and homeruns all have one thing in common: the Great Lakes. Whether these stories are facts or myths, well that’s for you to decide.


South Bay Bessie

Lake Erie could seem eerie if you’ve ever laid eyes on Bessie, the 30 to 40 foot long lake monster who’s made the lake her home. Witnesses reported sightings of a snake like creature as early as 1793.

Reports indicate South Bay Bessie, as native Ohioans like to call her, is 1 foot in diameter and has gray skin, although some details vary in reports. There have not only been several sightings from 1793 to the present, but several attacks credited to her as well.

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