Port Colborne, Ontario Part Two

The City on Niagara’s South Coast

Published in the April 2018 Issue October 2018 Feature Heather Magda Serrano

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Miles Of Trails

Then don’t forget your bicycle because another great thing about staying in Port Colborne is that it connects to an array of bike trails.

“It’s an excellent spot to come with a boat, especially if you have a bicycle,” mentioned Lerocque. “You can basically ride from your boat to Niagara Falls.”

Sugarloaf Marina sits at the beginning point of the Greater Niagara Circle bike trail which includes the Welland Canal Parkway Trail. As one can tell, cycling is quite the popular pastime in Port Colborne.

The Greater Niagara Circle Route is a paved, multi-use trail that connects Port Colborne, Fort Erie, Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake, St. Catharines, Thorold and Welland in a 87-mile circuit. This is a massive trail that has something to offer for everyone no matter their experience level.

The Welland Canal Parkway section of the trail runs along the canal on the west bank and the path crosses to Thorold Island, which was formed between the old third canal and today’s present fourth canal.

World-Class Fishing

Port Colborne is also celebrated for its fishing with its renowned trophy fish: trout, walleye and bass. And those are just the trophy fish; there are still many more in the lake, such as pacific salmon, northern pike and muskellunge.

“In 2013, the World Fishing Network deemed us the Fishing Town of the Year,” added Lerocque.

This fishing spot is popular year-round for both recreational and professional fishers, providing access to Lake Erie and the Upper Niagara River. Plus, the scenery will take your breath away.

The Upper Niagara River offers some of the best bass-fishing from June to November, and since Lake Erie warms rapidly during the warmer months and freezes regularly in the winter because of its size, it’s one of the ideal locations to catch salmon in spring and autumn.

Port Colborne is so deeply involved in the fishing sport that it’s hosted tournaments like the 444 International Walleye Tournament, the Can-Am Invitational and the Berkley B1 Tournament. This would be a dream vacation spot for the avid fisherman.

So what are you waiting for? Make your reservation at Sugarloaf Marina and don’t forget your bike and tackle box!

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