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Each yacht from Steeler is built completely according to the buyer’s specifications and preference

December 2017 Feature Tyffani Hoff

Imagine if you could build a boat—without actually having to build a boat. You know, no math or science, no manual labor. Just pointing out what you want and having it made according directly to your taste. It sounds like magic, but it’s actually just the way that Steeler Yachts does business.

For years, Steeler Yachts has won the European Powerboat of the Year award. Their first three series were the Explorer series, for classical world travelling trawlers; the Panorama FlatFloor Series, the first single-level living area yacht from bow to stern; and the Bronson tender series. But now, they’ve launched a new series, which is newer and better than ever: the Next Generation S-line

“The S-line stands for space, style, speed, seaworthiness, safety and superiority,” said Hans Webbink, owner of Steeler Yachts. “In the S-line series, it all comes together as far as what we learned and what we have been rewarded with over the last seven years.”

According to the owner, the S-Line takes all the successful features from previous lines and combines them to create the ultimate yacht for your best possible on-the-water experience.

Best Of The Best

From the Panorama Series, they took the concept of space, light, and maximum single-level living. From the Bronson Series, which introduced the patented FreeFender system, they discovered even greater comfort solutions. Now, using those features and their new, innovative designs, they’ve implemented features that will increase fuel efficiency and add even greater quality to the yachts in this line.

The aluminum hulls and underwater ship design in previous models proved to be extremely fuel efficient, which is why the S-line adds to that with its newly patented bow. This bow is steep, and has a high spray rail and high flair. This combination yields several desired results. First, there is no bow wake at any speed, which decreases the resistance and increases fuel efficiency. Second, it allows for more inside space. Third, the high spray eliminates the sound of waves against it at night, allowing you to dream more sweetly. And fourth, the high flare protects against high waves over the boat, as is common with normal steep bows.

True Customization

“Apart from the above typical features, our customers are attracted by our design and the possibility to customize the boat to an extent not possible at other yard in our segment,” said Webbink.

Each yacht from Steeler is built completely according to the buyer’s specifications and preference. With Steeler Yachts having made the most of all technological advancements to achieve the perfect balance of design and comfort, there is hardly a detail that will be missed.

“The clear and transparent quality process gives customers insight in how exactly their boat is built and our Steeler Building Process describes exactly how the building is staged and at what time what decisions from our customers are required,” said Webbink. “We think that combination resulted in very close to 100 percent happy customers.”

Happy Customers

Satisfaction is another word that can be added to the list of what the “S” in S-line stands for. Customer satisfaction is the most important part of what Steeler Yachts is about. Any layout can be adapted to whichever yacht you’d like, and every part of the interior is customizable to your taste. They have so much trust and pride in their work that they don’t even write their own brochures; their customers do.

“All our customers,” said Webbink. “That is a statement towards potential customers that creates a lot of confidence.”

And as they say, confidence is key—which is why they present so many options to their customers. When there’s more to choose from, there is a greater chance of meeting a person’s expectations. If there’s anything Steeler Yachts has figured out, it’s providing all possible options to their clients.

In 2016 there were two models in the S-line, and by 2018, there will be nine. All models are available in steel or aluminum, but there are different versions as well. There are Flybridge versions, some versions that have vertical lifting wheelhouse roof to create a cabrio feeling, and there is also the FlyFish, which is tuned to become a sports fishing boat. It’s all about preference, and between all the options these nine models offer, you’re sure to get a boat that fits your wishes.

On the website, it states: “No matter which model you prefer, all of them are built with the same ambition to transform your demanding wishes into your individualized yacht with surpassed quality. This is not a promise; this is how we work.”

These boats are mainly sold in Europe, from the northern countries of Scandinavia, down to the southernmost countries of the Mediterranean. The first boat ever to be sold to the U.S. was recently delivered with plans to expand into the Great Lakes market very soon.

“We are very hopeful this will not be the last!” cheered Webbink.  

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