#GiftGuide: Lake Art Bathymetric Map

3D maps of your favorite lake, with accurate depth measurements

December 2017 Feature Vanessa Oler

Ashley Wiggins and her family live in Harbor Springs, Mich., where they’ve been making custom laser-cut wooden maps since 2006. With over 5,000 American lakes on file, you’re sure to find your favorite one. You can even provide Ashley’s team with the location of your cabin, surrounding towns or other sentimental spots, and they will custom etch those memories onto your map.

A computer-generated proof will be sent to you within one week of placing an order. Once your approval is given, the map requires 4-6 weeks to accurately chart, include your customizations, and cut to exacting specifications. Small maps are 16 by 20 inches without the frame; with frame dimensions run 18 by 22 by 2 inches. Large maps measure 24 by 30 inches without frame and 26 by 32 by 2 inches with frame. All maps weigh between seven and nine pounds.
If you’re looking for something a little more lightweight, Lake Art has an extensive line of boat-friendly adaptations of these bathymetric maps. Check out their shop on The Grommet for more options and ordering details.

877-862-0222 // www.thegrommet.com/lake-art-3d-wooden-maps // $325

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