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Scout 350 LXZ

November 2022 Feature Heather Magda Serrano

The brand-new 350 LXZ S-Class Luxury Crossover model from Scout Boats is nothing short of breathtaking. The model comes as the initial debut of their all-new LXZ Series, making a grand introduction for the new lineup.

Unlike most anything out there on the market today for Great Lakes boaters, this sophisticated high-end day cruiser is perfect for elegant entertainment with overnight accommodations that allow you to extend your Great Lakes excursion.

Rick Williams, the General Manager and Scout Brand Manager at SkipperBud’s in the Grand Haven, Mich., location, admires everything the new LXZ model has to offer.

“It’s a great crossover for the Great Lakes area,” shared Williams. “Scout has been a big center console boat builder and while center consoles have become more popular in the area, a lot of folks want a little more coverage. That’s where this boat comes in… it’s the model we’ve been waiting for.”

Clean Energy

One of the unique aspects of the 350 LXZ is that it’s not only a luxurious choice, but a smart and informed choice as well since it’s powered by renewable energy. Alan Lang, the Director of Sales & Marketing explained that this makes is so everything that would typically be powered by a generator is instead powered by lithium-ion battery setups.

“One of the coolest things about the 350 LXZ is that it’s lithium-ion powered,” described Lang. “That means no diesel fumes, no fuel, no smell, no smoke, no noise and no soot.”

Williams agreed that this feature was one of the 350 LXZ’s strong selling points since it makes the boat eco-friendly. Not only is it not harmful to the environment, but it’s also quiet, complementing the elegant ambience of the boat.

“It’s outboard powered and has solar panels on the roof which power up the battery chargers that charge the AGM and lithium-ion batteries,” noted Williams. “It really eliminates the need for a generator—so it’s cleaner, quieter power with less weight.”

Intuitive & Luxurious

Up in the bow of the 350 LXZ, you’ll find a nice, wide area to lounge and relax with your friends and family. You can truly stretch your legs out up there. You’ve even got stereo controls with a cell phone charger, so you’ll be all set to kick back and relax.

Moving towards the back of the boat, you’ll find the sliding windshield and bow door. When shut, these will keep out any kind of wind or weather on the outside.

“So many of the newer models have a big, hinged glass that’s kind of cumbersome,” added Williams, “but Scout has this really unique sliding panel, so it operates nice and easy. It’s also got a nice power sunroof.”

Then down inside the cabin you’ll continue to find intuitive designs and convenient features, such as the TV, microwave, generous storage space and at-home appointments throughout. Another unique feature on the 350 LXZ is the separate walk-in head, away from the cabin area. This head boasts the same generous head room as the cabin.

On the port side of the helm, you’ll find a table between an aft-facing jumpseat and a three-person bench seat. This table is capable of dropping down, allowing you to lounge out of the sun in the protected, enclosed area. It even has a cushion that goes on it when dropped down.

Then over at the helm, you’ll notice a pleasing and symmetrical dash area. The dash features dual Garmin screens with a Mercury Vessel View below, allowing you to see everything and stay in control.

Up above is the electric sunroof that comes standard, giving you plenty of natural light. With all the windows in this protected area, you still have fantastic visibility and an open, free-flowing space.

There’s also a relaxing bar setup on the portside which comes equipped with a little slide-out cooler, bar stools, an optional grill and optional Garmin screen. The optional Garmin screen can connect to your phone, allowing you to stream your favorite entertainments.

“It makes you so you can actually sit at the bar, grilling and watching the game at the same time,” mentioned Lang.

Then with the push of a button, the stern seat goes from being a seat to being a reclined layout area, electrically. You’ll never have a hard time finding a place to relax on the 350 LXZ.

Plenty of Protection

Families are going to love this boat because it offers more protection than the traditional center console. It allows you to be under a roof with fully enclosed glass all the way around the sides and front with a SureShade option that covers the cockpit.

This gives you plenty of shade in the boat when it’s hot out and protection from the elements when the weather turns colder. Plus, the cabin down below offers further coverage, entertainment and comfort with its additional TV, air conditioning, and the separate walk-in head.

“With it being fully enclosed like that,” explained Lang, “it gives you the opportunity to use it even in colder months in colder waters because it offers more protection.”

In other words, it allows you to extend your season on the Great Lakes.

Additionally, the 350 LXZ is a pleasure to drive since it handles and runs beautifully. You feel protected and you don’t even notice how fast you’re going because it’s so smooth and quiet. The protection of the enclosure also makes it so you won’t have excessive amounts of wind blowing you around. And if you happen to get caught in any sort of rain or storm, you’re still fully protected.

Versatile Layout

The 350 LXZ offers so many different areas onboard where you can hang out. For instance, on the port side at the helm, just in front of the bar, you’ve got the excellent seating across from the driver where you can relax and socialize. Then of course, you’ve got the generous area in the bow, and the convenient and versatile stern seating

“There are just different destinations in it,” added Lang. “And there’s lots of storage everywhere so you can bring plenty of gear.”

The 350 LXZ effortlessly signifies the upper echelon of the Scout line-up with its meticulous craftsmanship and intuitive layout. This lithium-ion powered vessel gives you a sophisticated blend of features that will leave you and your guests dazzled. If you’re in the market for a Great Lakes boat, you’ll do well to consider this superior vessel.

“It transforms in so many different ways to accommodate whatever you’re looking for,” shared Lang.


Scout Boats


350 LXZ Specifications
Length: 34’ 7”
Beam: 10’ 5.5”
Fuel Capacity: 296 gal.
Max Horsepower: 1,350hp

Draft: 26”

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