Out of the Water, Unique Cordset Delivers Safe Power

November 2022 News

Owners with a SmartPlug onboard their boat typically use pedestal power for electricity in its slip. But when it's out of the water, they can rely on the 15A 120V Dual Configuration Cordset from SmartPlug Systems. The 30A connector plugs into the boat and the other end into a standard 15A three-prong wall outlet. Made in the USA, it's the perfect solution for long-term storage, running lights and low-amperage equipment, as well as recharging electric inboard and outboard battery systems.

Like all SmartPlug products, the 15A 120V Dual Configuration Cordset is designed for safety and ease of use. It provides over 27 times the metal-to-metal contact for reduced electrical resistance and potential for overheating—important considerations when the boat is unobserved in a boatyard or on a driveway.

Unlike a traditional shore power connector that has L-blades and threaded rings to align, the SmartPlug is easier to use. It pushes straight in and locks in place. Because of its unique asymmetrical shape, it's simple to use one-handed, even in dim conditions. When connected, the integrated LED indicator lights show when the power is flowing normally or if a dangerous ground or reverse polarity problem exists.

The cordset is fully sealed against water penetration. The cord contains fully-tinned wire and is extremely flexible for easy coiling in

freezing weather. SmartPlug Systems' 15A 120V Dual Configuration Cordset is available in 4' (model C15043), 25' (C15253) and 50' (C15503) lengths; they cost $205, $329 and $399, respectively. They are Canadian CSA, Europe CE, Intertek ETL and US ETL certified.

Contact SmartPlug Systems, 2500 Westlake Ave. N, Ste. G, Seattle, WA 98109. 206-285-2990; Fax: 206-285-2981. info@smartplug.comwww.smartplug.comwww.facebook.com/SmartplugSystemstwitter.com/SmartPlugSystem.

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