Captains Comfort Boatsetter Owners

April 2021 News Web Exclusive

Boatsetter is the proven way to make money from boats when not being used. Some owners, however, don't have the time to take out a group of renters or their vessel requires a level of expertise beyond the average boater. That's when a pro is called in. Boatsetter has a network of over 1,000 USCG licensed captains that not only provide peace-of-mind that the vessel will be well taken care of, but do all the hard work.

Taking advantage of the captains network makes sense. Many renters just want to kick back and let someone else drive or don't even know how. If they've selected "include captain" in their search, only those boats that have this option available will be displayed.

When owners list their boat with Boatsetter, it's easy to define the captain policy, certifying that the person operating the boat will be a USCG licensed captain. They can also decide whether the Captain Fee will be included in the rental price or a standalone line item.

If an owner desires to list a boat, but doesn't have time to charter its renters, it's simple for him or her to select from Boatsetter's vetted list of captains. Their mariner credentials have all been validated by the USCG and are well prepared to take command.

Obtaining a US Coast Guard OUPV captain's license is no easy feat. It requires countless hours of studying followed by extensive testing and a minimum of 360 documented days of vessel operation. When completed, the new captain is considered an expert in navigation, weather, safety and lifesaving, and ready to pilot any vessel up to 100 tons.

Owners can even set the fuel policy that the owner pays, knowing that a professional operator will be judicious on how the vessel is run. Combined with best-in-class insurance and 24/7 on-water support, listing a boat with Boatsetter is an easy way to make extra cash.

With over 600 locations, Fort Lauderdale-based Boatsetter connects owners and licensed captains with people who share their love of the water and want to rent their boats. It forms strategic partnerships with boatbuilders, marinas and related marine businesses to grow boating participation and ownership.

Contact Boatsetter, 330 SW 2nd Street #111, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301.

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