Eldean Shipyard Launches 2nd Solar Array

December 2020 Multimedia

Eldean Shipyard recently installed and activated its second solar installation to generate electricity on-site at the marina! The new, larger solar installation produces 97 kWh of electricity, nearly 1.5x more than the initial 66 kWh array. Like their first solar installation in 2014, these solar panels are installed on the roof of a large boat storage building along South Shore Drive in Macatawa.

The original 66 kWh system has actively been generating solar power since August of 2014. To date, the system has produced over 450,000 kWh of electricity! Along with the reduction of greenhouse gasses, by generating clean energy from the sun, the equivalent of 486,000 lbs of coal or 737 barrels of oil was conserved. This system has saved Eldean Shipyard enough on electricity costs that it has now paid for this original installation and that system now provides free & clean electricity for the remainder of its useful life! They hope that this 2nd solar installation is just as successful at the 1st.

As a marina and resort, Eldean Shipyard depends on a healthy environment for its continued success. This 2nd solar array will further their mission as a Certified Clean Marina so that future generations can enjoy fishing and boating in Michigan’s amazing fresh water lakes. Boaters can expect an elevated level of environmental awareness and responsibility when choosing a certified Michigan Clean Marina!

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