Reshaping Your Waterfront

October 2020 Multimedia ShoreMaster Web Exclusive

Whether you’re on a boat or the dock, if you have access to your own slice of shoreline, you’re spending a lot of time on the water. When setting up your dock, it’s essential to think about the choices that will reflect what you do on the water and what will work best on your waterfront. There are many boat dock options available, so keep these points in mind during your dock planning.

Dock Layout

The first part of any dock planning project is going to be the design and layout. Consider what you’ll be using your dock for, what your water and shoreline are like, and how much time and effort you can dedicate to set-up and tear down. Seasonal dock owners might need to think about whether a sectional or wheel-in dock will be more comfortable to remove when the weather gets cold and how much space they have to store an assembled dock. If your water level is deep or fluctuates, look into floating docks instead (just be sure to remove them if ice is an issue in your water). If you want a more organic look to your dock, a curved dock design will set your dock apart from the other straight lines and right angles along your shore. Also, consider how changeable your dock will be: your dock should last for years, but your tastes and needs might change, so consider a boat dock system like the ShoreMaster exclusive InfinityTrack that will allow you to customize your dock layout each time you set it up.


You’ll spend a lot of time standing and walking on your dock, so don’t take decking for granted. Your dock decking should look good, feel good, and be able to support everything you do on the water. There’s a range of high-quality decking options on the market, from wood to flow-through plastic to aluminum: choose based on what you think looks good and what will be the easiest to maintain even after years of installation, removal, and sitting in the elements. Also, think about options like aluminum painted to look like wood—you truly can have the best of both worlds.

Waterfront Accessories

A dock can hold more than just your boat: consider all of the accessories for everything you can possibly do on the water. There are accessories for watersports fans, swimmers, fishers, and other waterfront hobbyists. Get some dock furniture to relax on the shoreline, and maybe a grill to prepare food on or a fire table to enjoy your dock well into the evening. When you get your boat dock accessories from a company like ShoreMaster, your accessories can fit right onto your dock, making your customization options nearly endless and helping your dock reflect all of what you do on the water.

Color Palette

A little splash of color can go a long way, and color coordination can give your waterfront a unified look. Match your dock furniture and canopy colors with your dock’s color scheme to make everything look clean and put together. Ensure that you’re buying high-quality accessories so that the colors don’t fade after seasons in the elements.

With all of these ways to reshape your waterfront, you can create a dock that’s truly yours!

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