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Can't imagine your life without endless expanses of water and the sound of waves beating on the side of the boat? In this case, in order for each sailing to go perfectly, you need some special tools. These apps can be installed right on your phone and will help at the right time. Let's explore the most usefull of them together!

Preparation for a Successful Boating Starts with AyeTides

In order to lay a safe route, you need to pay attention to a number of conditions.

For example:

  • Direction and speed of currents;
  • Actual water depth;
  • Calendar of ebbs and flows.

All these factors must be considered when planning even the smallest boat trip. The application will help every boat lover to build a path, taking into account all the above nuances. More than 10,000 directions are presented here, so there will be no difficulties with finding the right place.

The price of the application that will ensure your successful and safe fusion is 10 dollars. Having paid this sum, the user immediately gets access to all the functions in the format of convenient graphs and tables. The important point is that the application supports offline work. This greatly facilitates further tracking of the necessary data during the trip.

You Will Always Know Where to Follow with Navionics Boating

What is the most important rule of conduct at expanses of water? Keeping the right course is the most important task. This app knows this and therefore offers all lovers of water abysses all the necessary things that may only be required in order not to stray.

For example:

  • Regularly updated navigation charts;
  • Accurate NOAA radar;
  • Actual weather;
  • Valid routes to the nearest boat stations.

All of these features can be viewed individually. There is also a great opportunity to compare and superimpose your routes on maps with existing routes in the direction of the stop stations and display statistics on weather changes.

Before purchasing the application, users can try all the functions for free during the trial period.

Your Personal Travel & Expense Magazine - Boating Suite

Rafting on a boat should bring only inner peace of mind. However, side worries can ruin the overall impression of mini travel. After all, there is a need to keep track of all costs, monitor the rental time, and many more points that you need to remember. Writing such data into a notebook is not particularly rational. There is a big risk of losing the necessary sheet or looking for a long time for the necessary information about your journey. This amazing application will help to avoid such torment. It will collect all the data on the actions performed, and will also remind you of things that still need to be done.

For example:

  • Notifications of upcoming rent payments;
  • Collection of all transactions that were carried out for the maintenance of the boat;
  • Record of completed routes;
  • A purchase journal to provide the boat with the necessary equipment and tools.

Payment for using such an assistant is approximately 5 dollars.

Your Way Will Be Filled Only With Pleasant Adventures Thanks To Free Nautical Charts

Every sailor knows that water open spaces are always full of unpredictable surprises. With new technologies, avoiding the unpleasant “gifts” of Poseidon has become much easier. But small ship owners do not always have direct access to these technologies.

This application corrects the situation and gives each sailor access to the necessary functions, right through the smartphone.

For example:

  • Determining the direction and speed of the wind;
  • Alerts of an approaching storm;
  • Measurement of wave height;
  • Display of air and water temperature;
  • The presence of underwater obstacles;
  • Marking of zones available for boating.

The advantages of the app include the simplicity of the display of all data. Users can draw up preliminary routes, marking the control points on the map on the phone. A bonus to convenience is the ability to connect the navigation map to the map with the route laid.

All application features are available free of charge.

Only the Best Boats Are Placed Here - GetMyBoat

Not every lover of water travel has the opportunity to purchase a boat for personal use. This is often not profitable. Therefore, the rental of boats is a popular practice among sailors. This application knows all the value of quality service and provides its users only reliable offers. All posted rental offers are moderated. Each advertiser must provide proof of identity before using rental services.

You can not only rent the boat but place an offer if you are the owner of a boat too. You can do it in a couple of simple steps. And so that not only local residents can read the announcement, but also tourists, you can place the proposal with translation into other languages. Each user will be able to cope with this task with The Word Point translation service.

In addition, here you can find not only boat rental offers but also announcements of all kinds of water activities, close to your specified geolocation.

Feel Like a 19th-Century Sailor with Celestial by Navimatics

For those who want to experience the primeval atmosphere of marine affairs, this application is a real treasure. It is unlikely that among other ship tools you will find a real sextant, but now you do not need it. This application is suitable for true connoisseurs of adventure, as well as for those who are deeply interested in marine affairs and its history.

With an electronic sextant, users will be able to learn to determine the angle of the location of objects and the distance to them. It is also a great opportunity to try your skills at determining the course according to the location of the sun and stars.

The cost of the application reaches 25 dollars and therefore recommended for people who are really passionate about marine affairs.

You Are Safe With U.S. Coast Guard Mobile App

Water open spaces always require care and responsibility. In order for sailors to be protected in any unforeseen situation, there is a coast guard. However, it is not always possible to inform them of the incident. This app will help each user quickly contact the guard station. Also, the application displays all locations of guarding points indicating the nearest path to them.

In addition to this, through the application, every sailor can report on the various dangers that have arisen along the route, or about the occurrence of water pollution.

Summing Up

Boat trips are an incredible adventure that leaves vivid memories. And special assistant apps will help ensure the comfort and safety of these adventures.

Author Bio:

Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.

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