Nautables—Stewart Parazaider

Q&A with Stewart

Published in the October 2019 Issue May 2020 Feature

GLB What has been your experience with boating and the Great Lakes?

S Mostly Chicago.

GLB What kind of boat do you have?

S It’s a 2007 Monterey 270CR.

GLB What’s your favorite spot to boat?

S I would say our favorite thing to do is definitely go to the Chicago River. That’s awesome just to see all the large buildings and different types of architecture. If you know the history of Chicago it’s definitely cool to see from the river perspective compared to driving through.

GLB I imagine that’s such a fun boat ride.

S Yeah, it’s all no-wake, so you just cruise very slowly and just take in the sights. I mean there’s a lot that as a normal Chicago tourist you really miss out on.

GLB What’s your advice to someone who’s new to the Chicago area who’s trying to get into boating in the Great Lakes region?

S The best thing is to study where you’re going to go and get out during the day time as much as possible to learn the lake, to learn where things are at. That’s the best advice I can give. I have friends who are getting into it now who are younger than I am and I try to take them out personally and just show them everything that I’ve learned over time that I’ve been taught. The last thing you want is an accident on the water because it can go south real quick.

GLB What do you think is something important that our readers should know that you’ve learned through your own experiences?

S I would say that learning never stops and you can never be safe enough.

Find Stewart on his Instagram account @powerdriven83.

Survey Results

Whom do you prefer to take out boating on the lakes?

Best Friend ---- 9%

Significant Other ---- 41%

Immediate Family ---- 19%

Extended Family --- 11%

Other ---- 10%

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