Bringing Sexy Back

The Crownline E255 XS wows in design and luxury

Published in the October 2019 Issue June 2020 Feature Emily FitzPatrick

What words do you think of when describing the look of your dream boat?

Classy. Stylish. Sophisticated.

These are synonyms that roll easily off our tongue when describing Crownline’s E255 XS. This boat isn’t just a vessel that will carry you along on your wild adventures; it is a work of art.

“I think the color combination we chose is really pretty, and the finish,” Dianne Craighead said when asked about her favorite features of the boat. “Everything has a rich look to it and our friends have been calling it the sexy boat. We went with sterling and black accents and a black arch. It’s a very sharp-looking boat.”

“Sexy” is a word that perhaps surpasses the other descriptors used in an attempt to convey the beauty of this model. The boat comes in a variety of colors such as the sterling and black accents that the Craigheads chose or others such as amethyst and moonrock. No matter what color combination color you favor, this boat is bound to astound your lake neighbors.

F.A.S.T. Tab Hull Design

What is the F.A.S.T Hull Design that sets Crownline models apart from the pack? The term specific to the Crownline brand stands for fin-assisted safe turn. Just as the name hints, the design improves safety and speed, but also time-to-plane acceleration and fuel economy.

The unique hull system also holds in turns and is extremely responsive to trim, but to get the full effect you need to take a Crownline model out yourself and feel how the vents work to keep the boat gliding before settling into a plane.

“I’ve only had two other outboards in my life of boating and I’ve been boating for about 40 years. We’ve had a boat every year since we’ve been married,” Star Craighead shared. “I was around boats as a child too, so this is my third outboard and we’ve run the whole gamut. But we’re really pleased with this boat. Just the way it handles the water with the 300hp outboard. That thing comes out of water and just planes really quick. That’s what really sold me on the hull on that outboard. These new outboards are a lot quieter, a lot quicker, and a lot lighter.”

Lounging In Luxury

There’s one thing that trumps all when masterminding the creation of a new boat – that's comfort. If your boat isn’t comfortable then what’s the point? Will you even take the thing out for a day without squirming in regret as the seat digs into your sunburned skin? With the E255 XS you will never worry about returning to shore.

“The creature comforts on the boat are amazing,” exclaimed Star. “Wherever you want to sit your end down, there’s a good spot around it. The aft lounge seat is probably my wife’s favorite spot because it’s got that power recline on the back and you can position it anywhere you want. It’s not one way or the other. It can be anywhere you want it to be.”

The E255 XS doesn’t just provide comfort in its seating arrangements, but also remains practical in use of space for storage. In reality, the storage adds an extra level of comfort, providing extra room for guests to stretch and get lost in enjoying cruising the Great Lakes.

“One of the things that I really like is they’ve added hinge seat cushions, so when you’re picking them up to access the storage it’s much easier. And then I also like that there is plenty of storage. Another thing is that there is now a power button to adjust the lounger seat back, and that’s something we’ve never had before was that lounger area like that and it’s roomy enough for two people, even sometimes three girls can sit there and visit.”

Smooth Sailing

Every feature of the Crownline E255 XS eases any worries you might have while out on the water. The model cares for you rather than the other way around.

Small details in the design of the boat will make your life infinitely easier, like the carpet in the cockpit the snaps in and out for easy cleaning and stainless steel handles and cup holders that are placed conveniently throughout the vessel so that everyone has easy access. The table is placed on the side instead of the middle, so that no one is dodging the place where it is lodged and the table is easily stored in the under-mount cockpit storage. An enormous amount of storage can also be found beneath the hatch, ensuring you will have plenty of room to store your snacks, water toys, and anything else you might need.

One of the Craigheads’ favorite features for traveling with young grandchildren is the head, which includes a handheld shower, cabinetry and granite countertops that will have you drooling, and most importantly, the toilet itself. A bathroom onboard means not having to streak for the shore whenever a stop is needed or resorting to other means, making everyone on board more comfortable.

A Sexy Ride For All

Crownline’s E255 XS is a favorite among all generations of boaters. It’s treatment of the design itself and amenities, such as the enclosed head with a hand-held shower and the aft electric sun lounge seat. There is something onboard to keep every member of your party happy and well-cared for, making it so that you will never want to return to shore.

“It’s probably the most comfortable boat we’ve had. We’ve had different times in our life where we’ve needed different things in a boat. Our kids are grown and we have grandkids, so we don’t have little ones with us as much, but when we do it works good for them. When we have another couple visiting us it’s roomy enough for four to six people. We can put more than that on it, but that’s what feels comfortable for us.”

Perhaps what makes the Crownline E255 XS the sexiest ride out there isn’t just that it’s a gorgeous boat, but that it provides the amenities that every boater wants, making for the best time you can have while out on the water. After all, sexy isn’t just what a person sees. It’s also what they do and the E255 XS outperforms all in its class.

LOA:  25' 3" / 7.7 m
Beam: 102" / 2.59 m
Max HP: 350HP
Fuel Capacity: 55 gal. / 208 L
Engine: Mercury 250 XL Four Stroke w/DTS Controls


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