Nautables—Lesley Wyatt

Published in the August 2019 Issue January 2020 Multimedia, Feature

 What has been your experience boating in the Great Lakes?

L I’ve been boating in Lake Erie since 2012, so about seven years now, I would say. I started on a small bow, 18-foot boat and my passion for boating just grew from there. We then went up to a 260 Sundancer and then just in October we upgraded to a 370 Sundancer. This is our first season on our new Sea Ray and we’re so excited. We basically live on it.

GLB Do you tend to stay in Lake Erie or do you travel to other parts of the Great Lakes?

L We dock at Riverbend Marina and we go on a lot of trips. We were just in Geneva, which is about an hour ride from where we are. We also typically plan some trips. We have one planned to Erie, Penn., and then we’re going to do a trip to Canada as well.

GLB What got you into boating in general?

L I grew up boating on inland lakes and then when I moved closer to Lake Erie my love for boating just grew more. I grew up doing it and I just kept growing that passion because I enjoyed it so much!

GLB What led you to go with Sea Ray, since this is the second one you’ve owned from this manufacturer?

L We were originally looking at a different boat, but we went to go look at it and we kept going back to Sea Ray every time because we like the layout more and we just know it’s a good quality boat. We tried to be different and stray away from Sea Ray, but we kept coming back to it. We also know so much about them because that’s what we had first, so we just kind of stuck to it.

GLB What is one of your favorite adventures you’ve had while out on the lakes?

L Every Sunday with about 5 or 8 other boats we go about a mile out to the lake and we just wrap up in a big circle and just swim all day and then sometimes we’ll cook out on the water and just enjoy the day and soak up the sun. There are definitely a lot of good memories from just floating on the lake and soaking up the view.

Find Lesley on her Instagram account @lesley_wyatt_.

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How many people generally join you for a day out on the lake?

1-3 ---- 19.11%

4-6 ---- 56.07%

7-9 ---- 14.16%

10 or more ---- 10.66%

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