December 31, 2018| Published in the June 2018 issue
HMS Ontario Part Two: The “Holy Grail” of Lake Ontario
The day Scoville and Kennard came across the HMS Ontario was just like any other day. On the side-scan screen there was an object, and Scoville could immediately tell it was a shipwreck. But they did not know just what shipwreck it was.
December 29, 2018
Jess Carpenter HMS Ontario Part One: The day Scoville and Kennard came across the HMS Ontario was just like any other day.
By the time Dan Scoville and Jim Kennard, avid shipwreck hobbyists, found the HMS Ontario—three years after they first started looking—they could not even grasp just how excited they were.
December 29, 2018
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Web Exclusive Great Lakes Ice Cutter
Winter time is rough because we aren't able to get out on our favorite lakes the way we normally enjoy - our boats lazily crawling across the water as we take in the summer sun. Our boats are hidden away and winterized and some of us hide away in our home
December 28, 2018
Web Exclusive Emily FitzPatrick Top Boating Memes of 2018
This year the Great Lakes Boating staff decided to start a new tradition on Facebook called “Meme Monday.” This tradition has become a favorite among our readers and ourselves, because everyone enjoys a good laugh. Hilarious memes have made the start of o
December 26, 2018
Web Exclusive Ocean Alexander Reports Historic Success from Fort Lauderdale Intl. Boat Show
Alexander Marine International, the importer of Ocean Alexander yachts, was excited to announce its record sales at the recent Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.
December 23, 2018
Web Exclusive State Awards $3.6 Million to Battle Invasive Species: Grants will support several promising new developments to fight invasive pests on land and in water
The Michigan departments of Environmental Quality, Natural Resources, and Agriculture and Rural Development today announced that more than two dozen projects will share $3.6 million in Michigan Invasive Species Grant Program funding
December 22, 2018| Published in the February 2018 issue
Heather Magda Serrano Guided Tour—Owen Sound, Ontario: Where you want to live
Owen Sound’s roots run deep. The city is beautiful, filled with friendly locals and this area once functioned as an end terminal of the Underground Railroad for countless escaped slaves as they fled from oppression during the time of the American Civil Wa
December 21, 2018
Web Exclusive Mackinac Straits Corridor Authority approves agreement to build multi-use tunnel, remove pipelines from bottom of Straits: nyder signs agreement that will increase stewardship, inspection requirements on Line 5
The Mackinac Straits Corridor Authority (MSCA) today approved an agreement with Enbridge Energy Limited Partnership to build a multi-use utility tunnel beneath the Straits of Mackinac. The tunnel will house a replacement segment for the Line 5 pipeline th
December 20, 2018
Web Exclusive Two Epic Shows, One City: Progressive Insurance Miami International Boat Show and Miami Yacht Show partner on first-ever joint marketing campaign
The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), owners of the Progressive Insurance Miami International Boat Show, and Informa, co-owners of the Miami Yacht Show with International Yacht Brokers Association (IYBA), announced today a joint venture to
December 19, 2018| Published in the August 2017 issue
Tim McKenna Depth Control With Downriggers: Fishing the Inland Seas
Popular Great Lakes gamefish species such as salmon, trout and walleye head to open water during the heat of late summer, where they often suspend at various depths.
December 18, 2018| Published in the April 2018 issue
Guided Tour -- Spragge, Ontario: The Best Kept Secret’s Best Kept Secret
Hortness was hooked on sailing early. After two trips out with a friend, Hortness jumped into the sport and began racing seriously in his twenties at Sudbury, Ontario.
December 15, 2018
Web Exclusive Lane Miles Trade Wars Continue: Boaters can expect to see conflict continue into 2019
The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) recently released a press release that announced that as 2018 comes to a close the trade war can be expected to continue impacting the boating industry in 2019 -- news that no boat manufacturer or recre
December 14, 2018
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Web Exclusive Emily FitzPatrick Sea Ray Releases New Video: We Are Sea Ray: The boat manufacturer gears up to celebrate their 60th anniversary
A few days ago, Sea Ray released a video called “We Are Sea Ray” to celebrate their upcoming 60th anniversary in 2019 and the reinvention of their brand by Brunswick. This video comes after difficult times for the boat manufacturer and what seemed like an
December 13, 2018
Looking For Clean & Powerful? : Check Out Pure Watercraft's New Battery Pack
Pure Watercraft announced today the launch of the most energy dense battery pack available in marine propulsion.
December 10, 2018
Web Exclusive New Inductees into MBIA Hall of Fame: Tom Haag of Colony Marine and Steve Remias of MacRay Harbor inducted into the Michigan Boating Industries Association Hall of Fame
Tom Haag and Steve Remias, both relentless advocates for the Michigan boating industry have been inducted into the Michigan Boating Industries Association (MBIA) Hall of Fame for the year 2018. The presentation was made at the Recreational Boating Educati
December 07, 2018
Web Exclusive West Marine Hires Veteran Retailer Ken Seipel as CEO
West Marine, the world’s largest premier boating supply retailer, has hired retail executive Ken Seipel as CEO. Seipel is an experienced leader with a strong track record helping grow privately held retail companies, as well as Fortune 500 brands. He was
December 06, 2018| Published in the June 2018 issue
Captain Danny Lee Teaching Adults to Fish
An annual angling opportunity for non-fishing adults presents itself this month across most Great Lakes waters.
December 04, 2018
Web Exclusive Trade Only Today Editors Larson Brand to be Sold
The Larson brand is up for sale as Marquis Yachts plans to focus on its larger Carver, Lexus and Marquis brands. According to a story on, the company plans to lay off 30 office and production workers as it prepares to sell Larson. The we
December 02, 2018
Web Exclusive House Passes Coast Guard Bill Containing New Ballast Rule: Bill preserves key protections to safeguard Great Lakes from aquatic invasive species
Recently, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the U.S. Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2017, which includes the Vessel Incidental Discharge Act (VIDA).