Burlington, Ontario Part Two

The Best City Of Its Size

Published in the April 2018 Issue October 2018 Feature Heather Magda Serrano


The city of Burlington is also well-known for its birding. Something pretty exciting is that bald eagles are making a comeback since they were all but locally extinct since the 1980s. Several bald eagles have overwintered consistently in the Cootes Paradise at Royal Botanical Gardens for the past several years.

The west end of Lake Ontario is also a popular spring and fall stopover spot for all kinds of water birds such as loons, tundra swans and occasional pelicans.

Burlington is now the home of bird species that only recently became established in the Ontario area. Some of these birds include the Carolina wren, northern mockingbird and red-bellied woodpecker. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of a screech owl or great horned owl.

There are three main places you can go to get the most out of birding in Burlington: the waterfront, the escarpment and the Bruce Trail. On the waterfront, you’ll see water birds and gulls during every season, and the escarpment is a great locations to spot raptors like eagles and vultures. Lastly, the Bruce Trail is a wonderful hike that gives you the opportunity to see forest and farmland birds.


Burlington is also home to some fun events and festivals in the summertime that you’re not going to want to miss. Some important events to put on the calendar include the Sound of Music festival and Canada’s Largest Ribfest.

The Sound of Music festival is an annual event and is Canada’s largest free music festival held on Fathers’ Day weekend.  This year it will be held from June 9 to 17, and it’s numbered as one of Ontario’s top 100 festivals.

Then I hope you brought a big appetite because you’ll need it for Canada’s Largest Ribfest. This festival has been described as the Super Bowl of ribfests. It’s held on Labor Day weekend and features music, crafts, carnival rides and plenty of ribs.

Burlington has so much to offer and would make for a great location for your next getaway. So what are you waiting for? Hop in your boat and head for this magnificent city!


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