March 26, 2018
Web Exclusive Blue Guard Innovations Introduces Next-Gen Bilge Pump Switch
March 24, 2018
Web Exclusive Vanessa Oler SeaKeeper is hiring! : Maryland based boat stabilizer company is hiring across the board
March 15, 2018
Web Exclusive Hannah Martinez Great Lakes Fungus Shows Cancer-Curing Potential
“I found that just remarkably small given that the Great Lakes are huge, they’re one of the largest freshwater bodies on earth,” he said. “It turned out that the Great Lakes are just this black hole in terms of knowledge about what fungi exist there.”
March 14, 2018
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Web Exclusive 100 percent wheelchair accessibility comes to yachting: Steeler Yachts' latest launch shows us good design allows accessible boating for all
“Apart from the typical features,” Steeler Yachts Owner, Hans Webbink tells GLB editors, “our customers are attracted by our design and the possibility to customize the boat to an extent not possible at other yards in our segment,” said Webbink.
March 13, 2018
Web Exclusive Vanessa Oler GM Makes Waves in Detroit with Bonuses and Discounts: GM employees qualify for either two or four percent cash back on new MasterCraft models
“It was late February when this communication went out to GM employees and we’re not sure when the bonuses actually get paid out,” AWS - Fenton's Mary Rising says, “but we’re hoping some of those people are looking for new boats and this is a great offer.