GM Makes Waves in Detroit with Bonuses and Discounts

GM employees qualify for either two or four percent cash back on new MasterCraft models

March 2018 News Vanessa Oler Web Exclusive

February 2018 was a good month to work for General Motors and, as it turns out, to be a boating enthusiast. GM shocked the world February 6 with the announcement that 50,000 United Auto Workers hourly employees would receiving profit-sharing checks of up to $11,750 this year.

“Today’s General Motors profit sharing, established under the 2015 contract negotiations, recognizes that UAW GM members’ hard work is an essential part of General Motors sales and profits,” UAW Vice President Cindy Estrada said in a statement. “UAW members at GM negotiated a well-deserved share in the profits of their hard work and sacrifice.”

Just down the street at the Detroit Boat Show, the GM bonuses were all customers, dealers, and manufacturers could talk about. However, one manufacturer made the direct connection for any GM employees browsing the COBO for a new boat.

Perched on the deck of each MasterCraft boat displayed by Action Water Sports were signs detailing a discount program for new boat buyers. For new 2018 models, GM employees can receive two percent cash back and four percent on new 2017 or older models. All boats must be warranty registered and delivered by May 26, 2018.

“It was late February when this communication went out to GM employees and we’re not sure when the bonuses actually get paid out,” AWS - Fenton's Mary Rising says, “but we’re hoping some of those people are looking for new boats and this is a great offer.”

According to the communication sent to GM employees, written by Penny Kreucher, GM has sold more than 2.5 million engines in the marine market. With the OEM team in Pontiac, Michigan partnering with such iconic boat brands as MasterCraft, Nautique, Centurion, Malibu, Cobalt, Regal and more. GM engines are put through their paces at the GM Global Propulsion Systems testing facility, measuring 450,000 square feet and employing 1,000 engineers. The testing facility specific to engines destined for boats is located near Lake St. Clair with easy access to on-water testing.

“Through our relationship with GM,” MasterCraft’s dealer statement reads, “MasterCraft was recently offered the opportunity to be the exclusive boat displayed on the GM Employees purchase program list and we jumped on this opportunity immediately! With every one of the more than 300,000 GM employees receiving a substantial bonus at the end of February, the timing couldn’t be better.”

Action Water Sports is the largest MasterCraft volume dealer in the nation, with locations in Hudsonville, Traverse City, and Fenton Michigan. For more information on how to take advantage of this offer, visit or see an AWS representative at at the NOVI Boat Show this weekend.

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