Blue Guard Innovations Introduces Next-Gen Bilge Pump Switch

March 2018 News Web Exclusive

Blue Guard Innovations announced recently the general availability of a new solid-state bilge pump switch designed for the everyday boat owner--the BG-One. This product is a leap forward for bilge pump switches, as it is durable in design with no moving parts and precise in detecting water.

Made from commercial-grade material and non-corrosive plastic, this switch eliminates the need to frequently replace mechanical float switches, allowing you to rest easy. The switch can be installed in any 12 or 24 Volt battery system.

The BG-One not only makes life easier but also helps keep our water clean as a switch bilge pump switch and oil and fuel detector.

“Until now there has not been a “fail safe” system to monitor the accidental spillage in vessels,” said Ken Franke, retired maritime law enforcement officer.

Oftentimes, oil and fuel get released accidentally by manual or automatic bilge pumps that are designed to discharge water from inside a boat directly into a waterway. With 15 million recreational vessels in the United States alone, this has become a major problem, demanding time and money from law enforcement and the U.S. Coast Guard. Fines, clean-up costs, and environmental damage are just a few negative effects of deficient bilge pumps.

With the BG-One, automatically turns off the bilge pump when it detects oil or fuel, essentially solving the environmental and financial expenses all together.

“Blue Guard has developed a robust sensor with the BG-One that can protect oceans and waterways from oil and fuel spills, and can mitigate accidental spillage in vessels. This can prevent costly fines to boat owners and unnecessary contamination, plus expensive cleanup by local authorities,” said Franke.

The BG-One’s installation is simple. The ability to control the switch using just your phone or tablet is a convenient feature. With the free BGI Config app, you can set the pump run time with the touch of your finger. Along with Blue Guard Innovation’s other products,  the BG-One is available on Amazon.

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