100 percent wheelchair accessibility comes to yachting

Steeler Yachts' latest launch shows us good design allows accessible boating for all

March 2018 Feature, News Web Exclusive

Steenwijk, Netherlands March 12th, 2018 -- Steeler Yachts  began delivery of new motor yachts for the 2018 season with their largest boat to date: the NG65 S-line.

“Apart from the typical features,” Steeler Yachts Owner, Hans Webbink tells GLB editors, “our customers are attracted by our design and the possibility to customize the boat to an extent not possible at other yards in our segment,” said Webbink.

This held true for the Li-Janne, as the customer-specified needs included 100 percent wheelchair accessibility. Steeler Yachts developed in-house, state-of-the-art solutions for the wheelchair transfer on both port and starboard of the hull. Placing a hydraulic wheelchair lift midships was another challenge-turned-solution.

“The clear and transparent quality process gives customers insight in how exactly their boat is built and our Steeler Building Process describes exactly how the building is staged and at what time which decisions from our customers are required,” said Webbink. “We think that combination results in very close to 100 percent happy customers.”

This S-line is steel-built and features twin propulsion for a cruising speed that far exceeds the hull speed of the yacht. CEA certification and a Magnus Master stabilization system ensure safe and comfortable long-range journeys.The patented S-line bow enables extremely efficient fuel consumption and a minimization of spray water due to the sharp entry angle and the high-flared bow.

“The S-line stands for space, style, speed, seaworthiness, safety and superiority,” Webbink says. “In the S-line series, it all comes together as far as what we learned and what we have been rewarded with over the last seven years.”

The wheelhouse is surrounded by double insulated and curved glass, allowing for undisturbed panoramic views. Li-Janne has four bedrooms and three bathrooms for a total of nine guests. Next week the sea trials are planned for the North Sea, after which the owner will take over the helm.

Steeler also launched NG57 S-line May Lillian and the NG40 Marlena today. Currently Steeler has 18 motor yachts in build and will continue delivery of completed yachts through the Spring and Summer. Each yacht from Steeler is built completely according to the buyer’s specifications and preference. Making the most of technological advancements to Steeler Yachts are knonwn to achieve the perfect balance of design and comfort. 

For more information, visit SteelerYachts.com

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