Bruce 22: Silently Turning Heads on the Water

January 2018 Feature, News Hannah Martinez Web Exclusive

The Canadian Electric Boat Co. is redefining the future of boating with their fully-electric boats. The Bruce 22 model is the fastest electric boat in the world with 41 mph top speed. Many inconveniences of boating--gas fumes, noise, fluids to winterize-- are erased when the gas component of a boat is removed.

The Bruce has an average battery life of 8-10 hours depending on speed and cargo weight. When the lithium battery is completely drained, it takes only 12 hours to charge. The boat’s power cord plugs into both 110 and 220 V outlets and shuts off automatically when fully charged. Suitable for freshwater and saltwater, the boat is also fast enough for waterskiing.

“These are not boring boats,” said CEBC agent for Ontario and Bruce boat owner, David Jenkins. Since he drives a Tesla, Jenkins has experience with electric vehicles. “What’s exciting about the Tesla and the Canadian Electric Boat Co,” said Jenkins, “is that you could have a really great experience that’s environmental without a big tradeoff.”

After Jenkins learned about electric boats through his brother-in-law, he was quick to get on board. “I’m actually very concerned about the environment.” explained Jenkins. As a Tesla driver and a lake house “cottage” owner, he felt like an electric boat was a perfect addition to his lifestyle. He is happy with the lack of maintenance costs as well as the boat’s performance. “You can have a great experience going in a canoe as well, but you’re not gonna’ take anybody waterskiing.”

Jenkins’ 5-passenger Bruce was swarmed with curious onlookers on the water and the marinas last summer. With mahogany and teak woodwork, the boat has a sleek, classic look. “It looks very 007; James Bond,” quipped Jenkins, “it looks like the Sean Connery James Bond on the outside…it’s the Daniel Craig James Bond on the inside.”

Jenkins is in the process of buying an 8-passenger Bruce boat for when the weather warms up. Starting tomorrow at the International Toronto Boat show, Jenkins’ new Bruce will be on display for the event which runs through January 21st.

The only hurdle to purchasing a Bruce is the heftier upfront cost, but Jenkins feels that it pays for itself in lack of gas and maintenance fees. He estimates that a similar boat with a 136-liter fuel tank would cost about $180. Instead, the Bruce costs about $12 worth of electricity.

According to Jenkins, the current challenge for CEBC is convincing more dealers to offer the boat to consumers. The lack of maintenance makes it unappealing to sellers, since buyers of electric boats won’t be returning to spend money on upkeep. “Stern drive, oil changes, all those things which are very expensive…you just don’t have in an electric boat.” Jenkins explains when preparing for winter storage, “you’re pulling the boat out of the water, it self-drains…and… you’re good.”

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