#GiftGuide: 3 Sheeps Brewing

We believe the best beer you can drink is one you enjoy, and it's eve better if you didn't see it coming!

December 2017 Feature

Somewhere in a corner of the brewery sits a very dusty case of beer — a case of beer that served as the seed that would blossom into 3 Sheeps Brewing Co. The story starts in 1926, when our founder Grant Pauly’s great-grandparents purchased a failing brewery, renamed it Kingsbury Breweries and took it nationwide. Fast-forward many years later when a birthday gift from Grant's wife sparked the next generation brewery. 

"We love hops, but we love balance just as much,” Grant says. "That's why, for this 110 IBU Imperial IPA, we used wildflower honey to balance it out. The hops hit big, but are pulled back by the honey on the finish, allowing you to enjoy your First Kiss over and over again."

When Grant and his team set out to brew a beer, they start with one question: Why? Why does the world need another IPA? Then put pen to paper to design beer recipes that are unique and drinkable. Meticulous research and scientific process helps to sort out how to make off-the-wall ideas work. 

"We like to make beers that nobody else is brewing, in ways that nobody else is brewing them," Grant says, "but in a way that’s so balanced, you wouldn’t have noticed if we didn’t tell you. Because we believe the best beer you can drink is one you enjoy... and that it’s even better if you didn’t see it coming."

920-395-3583 // 3sheepsbrewing.com // Prices Vary 

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