Your Green Life: “Lake Superior Day”

lake-superior-bayDuluth, MN – The deepest, coldest, and biggest Great Lake has its own day, and that day is coming up this Sunday.

“It actually started in 1990, early 1990, by a group of Thunder Bay residents that wanted to show appreciation for the great lake here and celebrate it a little.” says Garrett Kunz, the Production Artist at MN Sea Grant.

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Lake Michigan Yellow Perch Fishing Open in July

Illinois Department of Natural Resources

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources is making changes to yellow perch regulations on Lake Michigan to reflect the wishes of perch anglers while continuing to protect the lake’s perch fishery. For the first time since 2001, perch fishing will be open during the month of July, the most popular month for perch angling. The number of fish allowed per angler remains at 15 per day. Starting in 2015, yellow perch fishing will close from May 1 to June 15 to further safeguard the spawning stock. Illinois perch anglers have indicated support for a spring closure to protect pre-spawn and spawning perch from harvest.

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