IDNR awards $150,000 to Waukegan for shoreline plan

Waukegan_Harbor_Light_WithBy: Dan Moran, Lake County News-Sun

Long-term improvements to Waukegan Municipal Beach and the Lake Michigan shoreline around it took a step forward earlier this month with the awarding of $150,000 in state funds toward a Waukegan Lakefront Active Implementation Plan.

According to a grant application filed with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources earlier this year, the money will be used to hire a consulting firm that will “identify key projects and activities that can be undertaken in the near term — two to four years — to improve and activate Waukegan’s lakefront area, along with a framework for longer-term activities.”




Spiny water fleas in Great Lakes indicate a larger problem



by Amanda Proscia, Great Lakes Echo

The self-sustaining populations of the spiny water flea, an invasive species, suggest a greater problem in the Great Lakes, according to researchers.

“They reflect a disruptive food web in the Great Lakes,” said Steven Pothoven, a research biologist stationed in Muskegon, Mich., for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Despite its misleading name, the spiny water flea is a crustacean rather than an insect.


NY DEC seeks comment on ‘Catch and Release’ stretch on Nine Mile Creek among other fishing reg changes

by David Figura,

Albany, N.Y – The state Department of Environmental Conservation is accepting public comments on a series of proposed changes to the state’s freshwater fishing regulations through Dec. 1.

The regulations, some which would affect anglers fishing on specific Central New York waterways, are tentatively scheduled to take effect April 2015.

The full text of the proposed regulations are also available on DEC’s website .

Great Lakes temperatures below normal heading into winter

by Mark Johnson, newsnet5, Cleveland

CLEVELAND – Great Lakes temperatures, including Lake Erie, are below normal heading into the cold season.

Lake Erie’s current temperature off of Cleveland is 60 degrees as of Oct. 14. That’s two degrees below the average 62 degrees for this same date.

Now, two degrees may not sound like a lot. But, it could be.

A colder Lake Erie means the lake could get to the freezing mark earlier than usual this winter.

New stewardship programs aim to teach students how to care for Great Lakes



by Kim Eggleston, Upper Peninsula’s Second Wave

The Upper Great Lakes Stewardship Institute is the newest among several regional hubs across Michigan with the goal to educate students on good environmental stewardship for the Great Lakes and their watersheds.

Last spring, a group of fourth-grade students in Marquette embarked on a Great Lakes learning journey with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and local cruise company Marquette Harbor Cruises.

From Judas Fish to Fires: Hundreds Gather to Discuss Techniques for Managing Invasive Species

Credit: Scott Samson, U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Credit: Scott Samson, U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Starting on Monday, Oct. 20, over 650 people will be in Duluth, Minn., talking about tools for controlling invasive species at the Upper Midwest Invasive Species Conference. The tools are as basic as leather gloves and fire and as high-tech as bubble fences and Judas fish that betray the location of their invasive kin via GPS implants.

Private landowners, county staff, academics and federal resource managers, alike, are attending the three-day conference to exchange information about ways to stop the spread of plagues such as emerald ash borers, buckthorn and zebra mussels.

Mercury Marine introduces Repower Revolution promotion

FOND DU LAC, Wis. (Oct. 16, 2014) – Mercury Marine has introduced its “Repower Revolution” promotion that offers consumers a choice between promotional financing for repower engines and repower rebate dollars upon purchase of a qualifying engine.

The Mercury Repower Financing Program launched in September laid the groundwork for the Repower Revolution promotion and offers repower-engine financing to credit-worthy consumers.

Repower Revolution, which launched Oct. 10 and runs until Nov. 30, offers a promotional financing rate of 4.99% APR for qualified applicants.

Microplastics found in sediment from the St. Lawrence, a worrisome first

CTV, Montreal

McGill professor Anthony Ricciardi and his students search the St. Lawrence River to find and study the invasive species that live below the river’s surface.

On one particular day, they were looking for Asian clams in the sediment of the river, but upon closer inspection they found another invader.

“There were little round spheres that were clearly unnatural and synthetic and we had a suspicion given what we’ve heard about plastic pollution that these may be plastic microbeads,” Ricciardi explained.

Cowabunga! Surfer, photographer share passion for Lake Michigan waves

Lynn Moore, MLive

MUSKEGON, MI — If it’s October, a cold front is coming and the wind is out of the south, you probably can catch a glimpse of Paul Boynton on his surf board catching a wave off of one of Muskegon’s beaches.

The Grand Rapids man watches the weather closely, texts his friends and grabs the board when conditions are right. If he’s lucky, and he often is, he’ll find a nice ride.


Sure, there were pirates in the Caribbean, but the Great Lakes had them too



by Rebecca Williams, Michigan Public Radio

Michigan Radio’s M I Curious project is a news experiment where we investigate questions submitted by the public about our state and its people.

As part of our M I Curious project, Shelly Scott asked Michigan Radio this question:

Have there ever been pirates on the Great Lakes?

“I thought: we’ve got such nice water bodies around here, why don’t we hear anything about fantastic things that happened on the Great Lakes?” she says.